day 3 – Outfit Post Wednesday

November 3, 2010

Technically I wore this yesterday, but I think this may become the usual for Wednesdays considering I don't get home until around 10pm thanks to my class. Click on through to Flickr for a few more outfit details if that strikes your fancy.

So this picture doesn’t really do this skirt justice, because it is this lovely shade of dusky purple wool (not brown like the picture implies) and I am just so tickled about it because I thrifted it back in March, which was just a little late for skirts and tights weather, so I have been waiting to wear it for oh, about 8 months.  Although I may have somewhat missed my window, because apparently it is supposed to be getting colder quickly, but to that I just say (with my fingers stuck in my ears) “I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening”.  This is my preferred way of welcoming in the winter months (at least until that moment when the first snow turns the whole neighborhood into a gleaming white paradise).

Anyways I think I might try to take one outfit picture a week and probably post in on Wednesdays.  So we’ll see how long this practice lasts, but one should also rightly assume that all outfits not pictured are either sublimely coordinated and reeking of class, or assorted variations of cardigans and jeans, depending on how well you know me in real life.



  1. Just found your blog via NaBloPoMo. Looking forward to keeping up with your blogging. 🙂
    I am of Menno heritage, myself, actually.

  2. I like the flower embellishment on your skirt. It really takes it up a notch!

  3. LOVE the skirt!

  4. Great outfit! Are the flowers applique?

  5. DaisyJo – Thanks for visiting and it is always great to meet another Menno in the blogging world and I will definitely be reading your blog!
    Vanessa – Thanks!
    Miriam – Me too.
    Mirabella – They are actually embroidery, machine done I assume.

  6. Lovely outfit on a lovely young woman. Enjoying your blog writing and thinking what I might contribute.

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