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6 years of blogging

September 17, 2010

I am not really sure what to think of this fact, but today marks 6 years of typing random little tidbits and sending it out to random sets of eyes.  I am not sure how else to describe the act of blogging and I continue to have a mix of affection and chagrin for this blog.  I don’t tend to blog as much as I used to (or at least as much as I did back in October 2004 when my “21 picture posts celebration” of my 21st birthday pushed my total number of posts to 56). Looking back, I am not entirely sure of my original reasons for starting a blog, I know was hugely influenced by my good friends Steph and Katie.  As for why I keep writing this thing, here are my main 6 reasons:

  • Despite how many of my posts end up being lots of photos and a few words as description, I like how this practice does keep my writing.  Even if most of that writing is never proofread, tends to ramble, and utilize bullet-point lists all too frequently.
  • From Mirabella in Australia, to both the Emilys’ in Colorado (although one of them will very soon be transplanting to California!); from random relatives (some with their own blogs and some without), to my old MYF leader; from friends far and wide to my own lovely parents, to you random reader of this post – having an audience for this quasi-journal does help motivate me to keep posting.  And I love all your comments, nothing makes me feel less like a slightly puffed up me-me-me blogger rambling into the void, than when people say hello (hint hint hint).
  • Blogging inspires me to do things like this (click to see my mad animated gif skills):

  • While, I tend to write on this blog in chatty email fashion and less in private journal mode (I stick pretty strongly to the rule of “never write something I wouldn’t say to someone’s face”), it is a great record of my past.  The other day I started reading through bits and pieces of my archive and I was struck by just how much of myself and my own experience I have managed to record here.  Sure there are lots of holes and much that I hold back, but this blog actually does a decent job of reflecting my own thoughts and personality back at me.
  • Sometimes I just need a place to post random links and poems I find around the internet.
  • And finally my last reason is because once you do something for 6 years, sometimes it seems right to just keep on keeping on 🙂

Over the next few days I hope to bring a few other lists of 6 including new music, books I read this year, photos, posts, etc.  This of course is not intended in the biblical associations of 6, but merely a nod to how long I’ve been bumming around this ole blog.