a post that isn’t about vacations

September 11, 2010

I currently smell strongly of smoked hickory or whatever that particular odor of bonfires is, or at least I assume I do because I really can’t smell much right now thanks to my allergy/cold combo.  My room is re-arranged, recently vacuumed, but still containing a persistent patina of clutter.  Becca and I made applesauce today, or more accurately Becca made applesauce and let me turn the crank on the Victoria Strainer.  It is bright pink and super yummy.  Student teaching started this past week and I have a great placement.  I probably sneezed over 50 times today, thanks in large part to my decision to clean when my sinuses were already going haywire.  Last weekend I learned a new game while spending the weekend with my family, it is called Dominion and was quite fun actually.  This evening I mixed up a double batch of Amazing Overnight Waffles to make in the morning.  They are my favorites.  For some unknown reason my poor spider plant seems to be growing quite sickly and I am not sure how to make it happy again. While October is officially my favorite month, September is giving it a good run for its money.



  1. I love Dominion, I’d love your waffle recipe if you want to share, and I really liked this post. Glad to hear your student teaching placement is a good fit! Hoping to hear more teaching stories. 🙂

  2. 🙂 I agree. And I look forward to seeing the rearranged room. I actually didn’t do any of that in the last week, isn’t it crazy? The hosts probably wouldn’t have appreciated it!

  3. Are you overwatering your spider plant? Mine seem to do fine with quite a healthy dose of neglect 🙂 Once they get rooted they are like carrots/potatoes/etc and have these water retaining bulbs on the roots.
    I’d love your waffle recipe too!

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