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Belated Vacation Recap: Vancouver

September 3, 2010

“Well, finally.” I assume you are all saying to yourselves, because I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to be forced once again to look at a bunch of vacation photos.  Anyways this time I tried really hard to whittle the number down a bit, because despite the fact that I was only there for a weekend, I managed to take a lot of pictures.

So brief recap:

  • Thursday evening: Becca, David and I successfully met up in downtown Seattle and got on the Vancouver or Bust bus.
  • Late Thursday evening: We arrived to our hostel around 9pm after a bus ride in which our stomachs had repeatedly given us some despairing stares due our lack of proper supper planning.  This led into our rather famished trip to a nearby Ethiopian restaurant (just two shops down from the hostel!) in which we had a very European supper.
  • Late late Thursday night: We laid in our hostel issue bunk beds and listened to the soft lullaby of throbbing bass beats and drunken sing-a-longs to Bohemian Rhapsody wafting up from the bar directly beneath our room.  I have had few moments where I felt more like a grumpy old woman than at 1am, where I briefly considered walking down there and telling them to keep it down!
  • Friday morning/afternoon: David, Becca and I set off to explore the city by means of walking places! We went to the library (duh!), across a big bridge, Granville Island, took a water taxi to the Science Museum, and then walked back towards downtown where we got the brilliant idea to go see Toy Story 3.
  • Friday evening: Tired from all that walking, David, Becca and I hung out in our hostel room waiting for Meryl to arrive and because (much to our stomach’s annoyance) we decided to wait to eat till she arrived.
  • Late Friday evening: Meryl arrived! There was much rejoicing and then a quick determined search for food which was rewarded by a great little bar down the street.  We ate, we drank, we laughed a lot and by the time we got back to the hostel, I didn’t mind the bar-sponsored lullaby nearly as much.
  • Saturday morning: We headed out for Chinatown, where we wandered around a gorgeous garden, had delicious dim sum (and horrible service) and then decided upon an afternoon plan.
  • Saturday afternoon: We drove over to Stanley Park (which turned out to be a horrible (the transportation, not the location) idea because everyone else in Vancouver was doing the same thing) We wandered around the Park looking at pretty things, eating ice cream, playing cards, etc.
  • Saturday evening: We continued north out of the city to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge, where I discovered that I am perhaps just a bit more concerned about walking across “very high things that sway back and forth” than I originally thought.  Then after a long search for a good nearby Indian food restaurant we ended up at a so-so Mexican restaurant, selected in large part due its proximity to our hostel.
  • Sunday morning: We got up and drove home.

Photo version:

Of course, I wanted to visit the library and I wasn't disapointed. It opened with this lovely 4 story atrium that even had the ATM I had been searching for. In addition they let anyone sign up for a library card that allows them 1 free year of wireless access. I now have library cards from 3 countries! Also in the atrium they had several really lovely quotes hanging on the walls including this one, "We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another."

To get to Granville Island we walked across this big bridge which offered both lovely views of the city and the river/bay/water that surounds it on the south.

This was quite beautiful, calm, quiet and with lots of floors made out of carefully arranged stones which gave great food massages when you walked across them barefoot. It was also reminded me a lot of the Chinese garden I visited in Portland.

I also love how this garden was so small and stuck in the middle of a bustling city, but could still completely take you away to a very different place.

Such yummy food and so many little plates, this was a great meal except for the fact that they seemed to forget about us part way through and we waited around 45 minutes for our last dish.

Definitely scarier than I anticipated. For some reason I could not get the picture of the bridge twisting completely around and flipping us all out and down into the canyon. Luckily enough, this didn't happen.

And finally, I will leave you with this awesome photo that Becca took. I love my friends!