Productivity = Awesome

July 2, 2010

This morning as I was laying in bed indulging in my post-breakfast nap (my house has breakfast at 7am and during the summer when I am not working, I find the best way to encourage my attendance is to allow myself to go back to bed afterward) I found myself tossing and turning and generally not wanting to get up.  The past few days I have been feeling a fair amount of anxiety about the fact that it is already JULY!  You see, there are all these little things, emails, phone calls, online classes I need to finish this summer, and the beginning of July marks the beginning of all my trips this summer.  Which means that before you know it, it will be August, summer will be over and I will need to be ready for fall.  So this morning, instead of anticipating all the fun I am going to have this month, all I could do was lie there and recite this monologue of all these things I should be doing.  And of course doing this type of thing makes me very disinclined to actually get out of bed and start the day.  Finally around 9am, I decided that you know what, I had a whole day ahead of me and I all of the things on my list were actually things I was fully capable of doing.  All I had to do was get out of bed and start the list.  Fast forward almost 8 hours and I have to say this has been one of the best days of my summer so far.  While I didn’t go to the lake, bike to the library, watch a bunch of movies or read on the front porch, I single-handedly reduced my to-do list from around 15 items to 3-4 and I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. So here is a short list of what I did today:

  • picked up all my dirty clothes, hung up all my clean clothes and just to top it off organized my closet by color (an idea I saw modeled by Jess and liked), and learned that I own a crazy number of white shirts
  • sorted and filed the remaining piles of paper in stacks all over my floor and mailed off two long postponed businessy things
  • briefly video-chatted with Jess, showed her the two shirts I found for her during Becca and I’s most recent thrift store outing and talked about her upcoming research paper
  • had lunch and looked at Vancouver guidebook, decided that pretty much everything looked awesome in this city and that I would probably need to do some picking and choosing
  • called 8 people about forming an activity planning committee for a church function (this is especially impressive when you consider how much I hate a) calling people in general b) asking people to do things c) combining those two into calling strangers and asking for help
  • wrote 4 long overdue emails, two in regards to student teaching and 2 in regards to church stuff
  • solidified plans to go to a state park for the day tomorrow as part of a friend’s camping bachelorette party
  • walked to coffeeshop with Becca and finished up Lesson 4 of my online class
  • finally updated my poor dusty neglected blog!

So there you have it, a snapshot of a great day that leaves me feeling like July is going to be an awesome month full of travel and adventure instead of just another month that will fly by bringing me even closer to deadlines and responsibilities.  And just in case you haven’t seen these updated photos from over there on my flickr stream, here are few long delayed photos:

Jess and I went to Joanne's graduation where she kicked ass (i.e. led songs) and got her very well-earned Masters in Divinitiy. You rock, Jo!

At the end of May, Tara, Erini and I traveled to western Ohio to see Libby get good and married to a Mr. Zach. It was a beautiful wedding.

Despite my proud expression, Becca and I were bummed to find out that our strawberry jam attempt resulted in a double batch of delicious strawberry sauce. On the plus side, it still tastes very yummy, if slightly runny.


  1. Okay, I can give you some awesome Vancouver tips. #1, take the skytrain out to Aberdeen Centre, a giant Asian mall in Richmond. Try out a bunch of things in the food court, specifically the green tea cream puffs from Beard Papa. Watch the dancing fountain. Take photo booth pictures where you have no idea what the voice is saying to you.

    What else… What kind of things do you love?

    Walk around the seawall. Go to Granville Island. Get good dim sum somewhere. Oh, sushi. Walk up Main Street and stop in all the stores (The Regional Assembly of Text is particularly neat). Taking the ferry to Bowen Island for the day is fun. The biscotti and coffee at Cafe Roma on Commercial drive are amazing. Yum.

  2. I also generally despise calling people and asking them to do something and can find all kinds of other things to do when faced with an unpleasant list of tasks. We must be related.

  3. Nice post! Doesn’t being productive feel GREAT? Then, not only are you done with what you need to do, you’re not worried and preoccupied that your “chores” haven’t been done yet. Nice reminder about the awesomeness of productivity!

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