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a brilliant depiction of the downward spiral of bad-dayness

June 8, 2010

It starts here:

and ends up here

If you haven’t seen this hilarious comic by Hyperbole and a Half, you should definitely go do so.  And while you are at it, browse around, I had been finding links to this blog for quite a while now, but hadn’t really taken a closer look before today, go see for yourself, great stuff!


so I have become one of those bloggers

June 6, 2010

You know the type, disappears for days (sometimes weeks at a time), then always making their next post all about why they haven’t been blogging.  🙂  Well, I do have one of those massive photo posts waiting in the wings (although in this case, most of the photos are still waiting on my memory card) and I have all the usual excuses of business and class, blah, blah, blah.  But mainly I just wanted to say, how nice it is to finally be into summer weather.  I love sleeping with my windows open, summer thunderstorms (even when they occur during the 10 minute walk from the L stop to home), fresh lettuce from the CSA, free outside concerts (She & Him, tomorrow night, Millennium Park), walks to the lake, reading on the front porch hammock chair, etc.  And I figured I should just note those lovely things, before I get to the point where all I do is whine about the heat and humidity 🙂

How about you all? What are your favorite parts of early summer?

In other news, I have been experimenting with online casual dating and so far I have to say it is nice, but mainly “meh”.  I think I am still in mode where I do better when I get to know a guy as friends, pine after him for months and then inevitably have my heart (or at least my feelings) bruised.  How about you all? Have any of you tried the online dating thing? What do you do with those first dates that are okay, but lacking in any long-term possibilities?  Seeing as I don’t tend to talk about this type of thing on my blog, feel free to take this limited opportunity to share your stories/advice 🙂

And last, but not least, of my random thoughts, I am heading in to my final week of work before the summer and I couldn’t be more ready to be done.  Unfortunately this also effects my motivation for my grad class, which still has 4 more weeks left.  Hopefully I can hold my quickly disintegrating scraps of motivation together for just a little longer, because before I know it July will be here and with that comes a Boundary Waters trip and a train trip to Seattle and Vancouver!  How about you all? Any exciting summer plans/trips/ideas/etc?