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April 27, 2010

Spring has arrived

I know that we are in the last few moments of April already, but is anyone else kind of confused as to how it is actually Spring already?  I know this may sound strange coming from a Midwesterner, who tends to see Winter as everlasting, but when I look at the trees that have managed to send out huge whole leaves in what feels like a few minutes, I am a bit flabbergasted.  I think this is related to my whole angsty aging nostalgia thing in which I can hardly believe that I am in my late twenties.  That isn’t too say that I have any problems with getting older, it seems like a good idea considering the alternatives, but at the same time I am not really pleased that life seems to be flying by at an ever increasing rate.  While it may seem like the passing of just one more season, I tend to view it as just one more example of how I WILL SOON BE 50.


Those are going pretty well, right now I am busy making myself all nervous because my book talk is tonight.  If you aren’t familiar with that term, that is where you do a quick teaser/synopsis/trailer for a bunch of books, and other wise attempt to persuade your audience (in my case middle school students) that they should read them.  If you are interested, head over to my GoodReads list to view all 10 titles.  However after tonight, I only have next week’s group project to finish up, before I will be done with Spring semester.  Of course, I won’t have that much of a break, seeing as my “Summer” class starts the very next week, giving me break of 5 days.

Family Weekend

The good news is that my break will overlap with the arrival of all family members for a brief weekend of togetherness.  In addition to getting excited about general family time, I am also using this as a motivation to finally get “the general mess of books that is occasionally know as my room” in order.  Thanks in part to said book talk and also general business (business for me almost always equals huge upswing in clutter), my room has been taken over by piles: piles of books, piles of clothes, piles of mail to be read, and piles of papers to be filed.  I don’t care if I am 26.5 years old, I have enough memories of “clean your room” grilled into me that parents visit=clean-up time 🙂


Despite the long awaited real break that will happen at the end of June (end of summer class, finish work, almost all observation hours done), I feel like so much of my life right now is getting things in order, jumping through hoops and balancing commitments.  Now some of those are fun things (i.e. trip to Seattle and Vancouver with Becca and week-long Boundary Waters trip with Zeb and high schoolers), others of them are less fun like finishing entire correspondence course before Sept 1, taking APT (the last one of those fun standardized tests I have to take for my degree) in June, finalizing observation dates, and generally KEEPING UP WITH LIFE.  I have discovered that when I am feeling stressed, my interest in doing any activities that require actual thought and input nose-dives.  So….

TV shows I have been watching on Hulu/Netflix Instant Watch

Old ones

  • How I Met Your Mother (what can I say, this show is legen…..wait for it…. dary!)
  • Chuck (comedy, action, improbably drawn out romances = check, check and CHECK)

New Ones

  • Human Target (pretty silly, but fills the simple actiony show void left by Burn Notice’s season finale)
  • Lies to Me (Becca totally got me hooked on this one and its available on Netflix Instant Watch, basically the main dude can figure how all kinds of things about people’s true thoughts and emotions based on micro-expressions, facial twitchs and gestures.  It’s kind of like CSI with less DNA and more psychology, so far I am totally hooked).


Oh and I finally uploaded and “titled” my pictures from the Washington DC Spring Break trip, go check them out if you are interested.


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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and am in love love love with Ghetto Mojito.

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