Ghetto Mojito

April 16, 2010

I had this whole post in my head about how this has been a rather horribly stressful week and how I was finally feeling better after small group las night on the porch felt like summer and walking home from the grocery store this evening I was noticing all the flowering trees and taking mental pictures. But instead I am going to tell you about the incredible cheapskate alcoholic drink that Becca and I invented tonight to go with our yummy meal of breakfast pizza and stir-fried green beans.

4 oz gin (I recommend really cheap stuff because apparently that’s the kind of taste I have according Becca, alternately Becca thinks Bombay would be good.)
1 mint tea bag (So not exactly high class but if you are desperate for mint this will totally work)
Enough lemonade to fill two tall glasss

1. If you are making two of a these (which trust me, you want too) pour 4 oz of gin in a bowl and empty the tea bag into it.
2. Either wait ten minutes or half-heartedly attempted to warm to warm the gin over the still hot stove, then strain the gin through a very fine mesh strainer or better yet some cheesecloth.
3. Fill two glasses with ice and pour 2 oz. into each.
4. Top off each glass with the lemonade, stir and enjoy!



  1. That seems like an awful lot of work. Why do you have to remove the tea from the tea bag?

  2. So that’s where the lemonade went!

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