a poem I wrote in class last night

April 14, 2010

Someday I will live by the sea
with a giant lighthouse just for me.
Seashells and castles and picnics on sand,
no one to tell me “no” or “you can’t”.

The sky will be blue everyday
and the waves will wash in all of the way.
There will be just an occasional storm
only enough to sit by the fire and drink cocoa, warm.

How about you? I do ask.
Do you want to live on a far mountaintop?
or meadows of heather? a small sailing boat?
or perhaps in a tower with a very big moat?

As for me, you can have those,
all I want is plenty of sea and some sand to wiggle my toes.

This was vaguely inspired by reading Shel Silverstein and the very real craving I have right now for escape.



  1. a wonderful poem.well penned.
    me too it happens to me to be visited by the poetry muse in class.good luck .

  2. If that’s the mood you’re in you should watch Pete’s Dragon! As for me…Maybe meadows of heather.

  3. Love Love Love Shel Silverstein. When I get the feeling of wanting to escape, which happens quite often (I live in a big city) I find a good book and a cozy space under a tree in a park helps!

  4. Our whole family loves the ocean, which is 8 hours away. There’s something about standing on the shore, staring out at the waves that go on and on, listening to the surf and the gulls, and feeling very very small and very very grand at the same time.
    I hope that someday you will find your cabin on the beach.

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