So apparently my blog doesn’t update itself

April 9, 2010

Pity, because I have not been doing a very fine job of either.  At first my excuse was,

“Dude I am in Washington, DC and all I have is my iPod Touch, so I am not typing out two whole posts on that little itty bitty keyboard.”

Then it was,

“Dude, I just got back from my trip and I haven’t even uploaded my pictures yet.”

Then it became more like,

“Dude, I am in a really weird post-vacation funk where I want to be around exactly no one and writing on some silly blog isn’t going to make me feel better.  Here let me listen to music and play solitaire while laying on my bed and feeling like a 13-year-old again”.

Then eventually it became,

“Dude, I think I am finally in the mood to recap my trip and post all those pictures I took, but wait where did my card reader go!”

And finally it was,

“Dude, I am feeling the tiniest bit like being productive, so maybe I should work on my paper and not my silly little blog.”

So there you go, a paragraph of excuses about why I haven’t updated.  Aren’t you glad I wasted your time like that?  While I don’t think I say “Dude” that much, I did actually lose my card reader and am waiting for Amazon to ship me another and in the same category of tech-related annoyances.  My laptop battery stopped working, so now I can only use my laptop when it is plugged in, thereby reducing its helpfulness as a mobile device.  Fortunately I think it is still under warranty, so I just need to drag myself over to the Apple store and get it replaced.

In the good news category, I think I am finally pulling myself out of my little funk, mainly due to the discovery that if you actually work on a few of the things that are stressing you out, you will feel much better.  And I also just have really great friends that let me vent even if my reasons for doing so are mainly that I feel grouchy.  But because I don’t have pictures and don’t really feel like I did much of significance with my week, here are a bunch of links that I discovered this week while going through the week-long backlog that was my GoogleReader.

Make Something Cool Every Day

Brock Davis set out to make one creative thing every day in 2009, what he came up with is pretty darn awesome.  The site takes a really long time to load cause it is over 300 photos, but the wait is worth it. via kottke (as always)

Le Petit Prince Bakery

I love pretty much anything that Jim from Sweet Juniper writes, but his series that profiles local businesses in the Detroit area is some of his best work.

But the Didierjeans also make it easy to appreciate the family nature of their business. Yvette is always there to greet her customers with a warm smile and some words in French. It was hard to pull Marcel away from his work for this photo, but after his sons pestered him a bit he finally came out in his baker’s clothing. In the hope of keeping this treasure open for future generations of metro Detroiters, I know I am not alone in selfishly hoping his passion for this grueling work does not soon wane, at least not until after one of those young men is ready to follow him.

Go read the full article


Internet comics for the people who love math and also great for those that don’t, but mainly good for folks who love graphs.

Not Martha is the the new Martha Stewart

The time and care this takes (those are real egg shells coated with two layers of chocolate and stuffed with candy) blows my mind, but is oddly tempting.

Inner Dialogue at a Quaker Meeting

Counting the boards in the wall. There’s 178 boards on the lower part of the wall. I haven’t counted the ceiling boards yet. One, two, three…

Must you? Is it too much to ask that you just sit quietly for a few minutes and think about life and God and, you know, spiritual stuff?

I’m trying, but that baby is making noise. Do the Quakers allow babies in their…silent meetings or whatever they call these things? Because that baby’s not being very quiet.

Well obviously they do allow babies, because that baby is here.

Real Live Preacher never fails to inspire/make me laugh. If you aren’t reading him you are missing out.

Talking to Kids about Death. Sort of an Easter Story

Raul Andres: Will everyone die? Everyone?

Me: Someday.


Gabriel: Then who will live in the world?

Me: Well, all the babies who are being born today. They’ll grow up and have new babies.

One of the reasons I want to have children is to have conversations like this.

and finally

Go Jump on a Bed


  1. Thanks for sharing these links — especially the Real Live Preacher. I appreciated that one a lot. 🙂

  2. The stubble self portrait- kickin’, the bird house- mean, and shattered banana- fun, the Deniro solo IM conversation- genius, and the googly eyes population- concerning…who’s next?

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