Update from the Capitol

March 30, 2010

I never can remember if capital has an A of an O in the second half of the word and I just don’t care enough to look it up write now, because I am on SPRING BREAK!

The renting of the car went of without a hitch and we headed out after church on Sunday. Unfortunately we hit a fair amount of rain and then thick fog though the mountains, but singing along to Sound of Music and Lion King got us to DC by 3:30am. This lack of sleep did end up effecting me (especially combined with my bad decision to carry around my water bottle) on Monday. But despite my exhaustion we walked all around the big DC monuments (White House through Smithsonian) and I took lots if cloudy day pictures. After meeting up with Sarah for very yummy Indian food I dragged myself home to get some sleep.

This morning it was wonderful to realize how much a goodnight’s sleep combined with morning plans to go sit in a coffeeshop revives my sense of wellbeing. So that brings me up to now where I just finished a very yummy meal, read a book for children’s lit, caught up on emails, journaled and generally detoxed.

Plans for the afternoon include another jaunt to the Smithsonian, maybe this time we will actually go in a few musuems, and then making homemade pizza with the girls. There is nothing like taking a break to once again feel like your life is managable!



  1. Capital is the city. Capitol is the government building. Capital is also the letter.

  2. I am off to DC soon! Looking forward to seeing the CapitOl. Lol 🙂

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