The up side of occasionally being one of those anxiety riddled types

March 26, 2010

So it feels like the past two weeks have been a mini-whirlwind of  making to-do lists in my head, ignoring said lists, worrying about the lists, finally doing the tasks and then repeating.  In addition to making BIG decisions about summer classes, student teaching, financial aid, I have been getting work done for class and facing the prospect of a jam packed full last month of the semester.  To top it all of I decided to travel to Washington D.C over Spring Break.  While I am totally pumped about the trip I am actually more worried about the dreaded packing and getting school work done part of things than anything else at the moment.  Hopefully by the time we leave on Sunday I will actually be able to luxuriate in the joy of “Yay! road trip with friends!”.  So here as an attempt to remind myself of what I can actually accomplish when I stress myself out enough is a list of things I have done and things I still need to do:

– baked a double batch of bread to act as a thank you for the handy man that installed my CD player speakers above the kitchen cabinets = surround sound cooking!

TO-DO = bake another loaf as traveling food and hostess present?

– filled out my FAFSA

To-Do = figure out financial situation for paying for my own health care benefits next year while student teaching

– wrote up and submitted my professional autobiography and student teaching application

To-Do: Set up appointment to talk about student teaching placement details

– finished rough draft of fiction book evaluation

To-Do: Revise, revise, revise and then turn in before I leave on Spring Break

– finalized road trip details with the girls and reserved rental car


– brainstormed book talk ideas for children’s literature class and checked out/placed on hold crazy long list of possible candidates

To-Do: Read books and whittle down list to 8-10 books

– sent out upteen survey reminders to classmates for group project

To-Do: Analyze results

– began research for paper on This Book is Overdue and Librarian2.0

To-Do: Actually write paper

– worry a lot about other group project that still feels unclear

To-Do: Actually work on group project



  1. I feel the same way…and I think my life will continue non-stop until I take my darn teacher licensure test in General Science at the end of April.

    I didn’t know student teaching was part of your master’s program. What will you be teaching? Does that mean you end up with a teacher’s license at the end of your program? That’s awesome. Student teaching was a tough experience, but I’m so glad I did it. (Now I’m considering getting back into the school system…time will tell…)

  2. Busy, busy, busy.

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