Another blog post about my weekend

March 18, 2010

Apparently not a lot happens in my life during those Monday through Friday days, or perhaps slightly more likely my interest/energy to discuss said things is too low.  But however last weekend was another spectacular weekend, full of visits from afar, pregnant friends, hospital visits, brother time, car time, eating in restaurants time, puppy time, nostalgic musical time and of course lots of friend time.  And because I actually managed to successfully record this weekend with my camera (instead of just lugging the bag around with me and not opening it) I will be telling you all about with these photos.  Of course I took way more than I will include here, so feel free to follow that little link in the right column over to my Flickr account for the full onslaught.

The weekend actually started Friday morning, when visiting Katie, Becca, Jess and I all piled into my car to head south towards Indy. Jess was kind enough to take this photo and unlike the other ones she took, we actually look awake in this one.

We stopped by West Lafayette to pick up the Jonathan and then on to Indy where we had a wonderful visit with Crystal. Then in order to continue our day o' car, we headed back north towards Goshen.

Leaving Indy is when the rain finally hit and so I made Jonathan drive, because as demonstrated in this photo, he can do it with his eyes closed.

Then Will and Kari very graciously hosted a nice pack of college buddies at their house for dinner. After eating lots of yummy lasagna and talking our heads off, we retired to the living room to play games and try and feel Kari's baby kick.

In her quest to feel little baby kicks, Jo decided to do some extracurricular reading.

Then a bunch of us girls got together for breakfast at the County Seat. Unfortunately Kari had to leave early to get to her baby shower on time, so she missed being part of the group shot.

And along with the spectacular company, the food was probably the best meal I had all weekend. Half of a Fritz's Special with gravy and a side of homemade whole wheat toast and strawberry jam. Incredible!

After breakfast we went over to Steph's house for more hanging out time and to cuddle up to her cute pets. All named after Joss Whedon characters, Doyle (the above puppy), Oz and Alpha (the Beta fish that I have no photos of) were all pretty awesome.

Don't tell, but Oz was actually my favorite, such a pretty kitty!

Unfortunately my parents were out of town, but that didn't stop me from staying at their house, eating their food, sleeping in their beds and stealing their wireless. Thanks Mom and Dad, at least I left my laundry at home this time 🙂

On Sunday, Jess and I finally packed up our bags and drove back to Chicago. Thanks for capturing this great shot of the city Jess and thanks to all the wonderful friends who made for such a wonderful weekend.


  1. hurrah!

  2. Just stumbled upon this blog. A lot to catch up on and a lot to take in but your latest post is so well written and I love the accompanying photos (what sort of camera do you use? Must be a digital SLR at any rate to get the wonderful ‘out of focus’ perspective shots – normal digitals just make everything boringly in focus!)
    Sorry, I digress. Great blog and great writing. Keep up the good work!

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