A good weekend

March 11, 2010

I know it is already Thursday and I more inclined to think ahead to this coming weekend of friends, visiting Crystal, Goshen, etc, but I never updated you all on how my past weekend went.  It was a great one, full of things from start to finish, but added by some spectacular spring like weather a real bang up job.

Other than signing up for the correspondence course, I actually completed everything on my list, so here is some of the proof:

Friday after work, Jess and I walked down to the Lake, which was of course gorgeous.  And despite the fact that I can’t seem to keep my mittens out of my photos, I really liked this shot.

And here is a picture of the new dresser, which I have to say I am 100% happy with.  However it no longer has such a limited number of things on it, because now it exists in the vortex that is my room.

But anyways, this past weekend was good, and I pretty excited about this coming weekend, which starts tomorrow morning with an epic driving day.  We will start off at 8am, head down to Purdue to pick up my younger brother, than on down to Indy to visit the awesome Crystal, before heading up north for a celebratory (and probably raucous) dinner with dear friends from college to celebrate a number of things including, soon to be born children, graduation from seminary, acceptance to grad school and the visit of far off friends.  The rest of the weekend will be as jam packed with friends as I can fill it, before driving back to Evanston on Sunday just in time for a church meeting.

So yes, my life right now seems to exist mainly in blogging about/anticipating my weekends.  But I will also add that on Tuesday night (I didn’t have class because of Spring Break) a certain someone performed with another friend in her very first open-mic.  I will let her take on the task of telling you about it, but I will say as their biggest fan and number one groupie, they did quite well.

And one last thing, I also have photos to show you of my new iPod touch, or more accurately the cool little carrying case that I knitted for it.  This weekend will be its first test as my pseudo laptop on the go as I take it to the far off land of Goshen.


  1. LOVE the dresser! Can’t wait to see you! (When will I be able to see you… ?)

  2. What a beautiful dresser! My room is a vortex too! haha! And it’s slowly being taken over by my clothes!

    That pea coat sonds AHmazing! Too bad it didn’t fit! I always hate that when you find something that you just love and it’s an inch too small or big. It’s so sad! haha! of course maybe if I didn’t get so attached to silly things I wouldn’t have this problem, but what’s the fun in that! haha!

  3. Hi, it sounds like you have everything all organsied and sorted as much as your blog, your blog is well put together, and your entire works are beautifully constructed. The dresser by the way looks FAB and the photo of the sea/lake is stunning.

    Thank you for letting me spend my hour of solice browsing the internet to escape my mundane life in pleasent surroundings of your blogged world.


    • Lee,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I am glad you enjoyed my little blog. Feel free to stop by again whenever you like 🙂

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