Things I want/need to do this weekend

March 5, 2010

– Do some coloring.  During a recent trip to Target, I indulged in a bit of childhood nostalgia and treated myself to a brand new package of 64 crayons.  You remember those right, the beautiful box full of shiny new wax and *bonus* a built in crayon sharpener?  For some reason growing up I loved buying art supplies*, especially those large combination packs of cheap watercolor, pastels, markers, etc.  I think there was something so inspiring about new tools to be creative with.

– Take pictures of my new dresser! and maybe even let you see my new iPod.  I know, I know, I ended up with both, but thanks to several days of buyer’s regret and lots of good advice I am now pretty much okay with that.

– Sleep in at least once

– Take a walk to the lake and bring my camera

– Serve communion on Sunday

– Start figuring how how I need to go about renewing my passport (I can’t believe I too my first international trip almost 10 years ago already!)

– Sign up for a correspondence course to finish off my third education class (Go go gadget – Abby actually graduates from library school)

– Mail a package and order a book

– Look over This Book is Overdue and do some research paper brainstorming

So how about the rest of you, what are your weekend plans?

*A more unfortunately interest of mine was buying large bulk packages of cheap trashy red lipstick and nail polish, both of which I never really wore.



  1. I’m a guy so I hardly ever by any trashy red lipstick or nail polish.

    This weekend? For starters, tomorrow morning after my visit at the Jenny Craig centre (she is *such* a bitch), I’m off to have a nice big breakfast. Yes, there’s a conflit there, but I’m cool with it.

    After that there are several new movies out that look promising which I’ll probably see: The Ghost Writer, and Brooklyn’s Finest. Then, The Girl and I are probably going to see “Alice in Wonderland” on Sunday.

    • Your weekend sounds great, and I hadn’t realized that Alice in Wonderland was coming out this weekend. That is also tempting, it looks incredible.

  2. I’ve got both days off again… but no Jaron this weekend…

    … so groceries, laundry, reading…
    there had been talks of going to the Meatloaf Bakery today with a friend, but not sure if it’ll happen. do YOU have interest in going there this weekend? 😉 (email me!)

  3. Crayons smell so nostalgic, as do pastels, don’t they? We have a long weekend over here but on Saturday and Sunday there were record-breaking rainstorms in Melbourne, so today I went out for breakfast – wonderful apple, sultana and walnut muffin – and later I’ll practise piano and finish my library book. While out I photographed one of our local rivers in full spate. Usually it’s low and sluggish, but I suspect it will actually flood by Wednesday….

    I also bought Easter eggs for the daughters (bilby, wombat and Elegant Rabbits), but I need to find out whether Grandbaby is allowed one this year before I choose one for her. Easter egg shopping is such fun!

    • I heard about your torrential rains this past weekend (a new blogger I have been reading lives in those parts). The muffin sounds wonderful, as does the Easter shopping!

  4. Hi Abby! Thanks so much for your comment! They always make my day! haha! I’d love to do the tutorial. I’ll try and get that up this week!

    I love crayons so much. My four year old little sister and I colour together all the time and I just love, love, love, colouring. even if I am nearly 23!

    My weekend was very wonderful/crazy/busy/enjoyable! It started on Thursday with a party, “Alice” midnight showing, my mom’s birthday, rummage sale-ing, dinner and a second viewing of “Alice”, My little sister’s Birthday, bowling, dinner, church, babysitting, taking my brothers and sisters out, cupcakes, homemade pizza, the oscars, more cupcakes (I love cupcakes), and a little music making. It was a jammed packed, lovely, crazy weekend!

    • Ashley,
      Your weekend sounds jam full, which is definitely how my weekend ended up feeling. By the way if you are crazy about cupcakes you should check out my friend Erini’s blog (two comments above yours) at http://www.adorkableme.com/, she is doing a Year of the Cupcake thing, which is totally awesome.

  5. Have you read the essay about new crayons in All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? He talks about new crayons and the magic of giving a new box of crayons to children, and also the magic of giving them to adults. He goes on about the irresistible desire to immediately start coloring. I love it 🙂 I’m gonna go color now.

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