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March 2, 2010

I feel like I haven’t had a catch-em-up picture laden post for a little while, so here it goes.  I should probably note that those of you who regularly pop over to my Flickr stream, won’t probably find that much new stuff, but maybe I can provide a bit of context.

Anyways I don’t think I ever told you about the photos I was able to take over Christmas Break of a collection of slides taken by Pappy (my Dad’s dad).  While the quality of my photos isn’t that great (they were projected on a concrete wall, so in quite a few of them you can see those lines), they were so much fun too look through. Plus when I posted them on Facebook, I ended up connecting  with one of my Dad’s first cousins and a great Aunt (who is rocking the Facebook in her 80s!).  Obviously my favorite ones were those that featured my Dad in them, so here are a few of my favorites from the set.

While not of my father, this picture of Grammy is so beautiful and reminds me of a painting/photograph that I can't put my finger on. But everything about this photo is great, the composition, the light, all of it.

This is apparently what my Dad and his brother did for fun when they were younger. Now of course they do much more sane things like learn to fly airplanes (Eldon) and go on crazy long bicycle trips.

My Dad, literally swinging through the forest.

And of course these slides included more recent ones where my Mom demonstrates just how awesome fashion from the 70s truly was. I want that dress so bad!

Then Tim came over some time in January and helped me dig through a bag of old camera equipment, some one donated to me.  We enjoyed testing the flash.

Of course we managed to drain the batteries in just one evening and I was still seeing oddly color spots the next day.

And then I finally got my hair cut (thanks for all your advice on this post) and this was the result.

It is unbelievably difficult to take self-portraits with my camera, even with a tripod this time. I obviously am missing something important.

Then I made some cupcakes as the left over parts of this awesome Smitten Kitchen recipe.  Who know sour cream would make such a great base for chocolate frosting?

Plus I ended up having leftover orange custard and meringue icing (from my housemate's cake) to work with, so I got a little creative.

Then I had a day off of work and went downtown to the Art Institute with some friends.

The north view from the new pedestrian walkway at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute.

Some of my lovely art viewing companions.

So there you have it a brief update on the photos I have taken, which sadly are not as many as I would like.  However the dreary cold of winter makes taking photo walks much less enjoyable, so I have been more inclined to bake things, read things and watch things.



  1. I love that first picture; it looks like a modern Vermeer. http://www.bestpriceart.com/vault/abc_vermeer25.JPG
    Also, your hair is adorable! More pictures, please!

    • Wow, that was exactly the picture I was thinking about! I think the reason it reminds me of Grammy is because she had a puzzle of it when I was younger. She might even have had it framed, I don’t remember. But wow, obviously our minds are in sync 🙂

  2. That picture of your dad and his brother made me laugh–I think I have pictures of your brother Jonathan doing the exact same jump!

    • Emily, I know they are definitely my favorite monkeys around. And you will have to send me a copy of that picture, it sounds great!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I love the dreamy feel in all of your parents old pictures.

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