The one videotape that Becca and I actually wore out by watching and re-watching

February 27, 2010

Scene from my saturday night: Becca and Abby are sitting on the couch, laptops on each lap, Les Miserables the 10th Anniversary Concert is playing on the DVD.

Abby: “who am i, who am ”

Becca: “I’m Jean Valjean, so Javert you see it’s true…”

Both: “I’m 24601!”

Abby: “You know I am pretty sure we still have it”

Becca: “Yeah all those years of practice have payed off, I think we still have it all memorized.”

Abby: “Yep, time to take our Les Mis two person karaoke version on the road”

One comment

  1. Hee hee hee! Good times…we were such dorks. And by were, I mean are.

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