Some quick follow up quandries from my what to buy post

February 23, 2010

As my Dad pointed out in his comment, there are many different ways of viewing this situation that would change my ultimate decision.  In his example, thinking about which of the three would be most valuable in 10 years is a good way of being responsible.  So here are a few of those scenarios in application. (For the purposes of this little experiment I have eliminated the desk option, because over the weekend I did some thinking and decided it didn’t interest me nearly as much as the other two)

10 years down the road:

iPod – Like all techno gadgets, this will probably be completely worthless and almost guaranteed not to be working by this time.  Considering my current iPod is almost 4 years old and hence “ancient” in my mind, the likely-hood of this newer gadget having any lasting value are very low.

IKEA dresser – This is a bit harder to guess, mainly due to the fact that stuff from IKEA can be a mixed bag.  On one hand you have the fold-able laundry hangers that took my family and I almost 40 minutes to figure out how to use, but only cost 25 cents and all three are still working like charms.  And on the other you have the 5 dollar laundry bag I bought that within 3 months buckled under its own weight (and in all fairness the 3-4 weeks of dirty clothes I often tried to stuff in it) and was rendered utterly worthless.

Final Outcome – Dresser wins, because despite IKEA’s hit and miss quality, chances are there won’t be such big breakthroughs in dresser technology that make this current model look like just a hunk of useless wood.

Zombie Apocalypse

iPod – When/If the zombies come the iPod’s life becomes a bit iffy.  While it could possibly provide some aid as a source of comfort with its little plucky tunes and occasional ability to connect to wi-fi, it’s helpfulness would be limited to however long the infrastructure that supports technology lasts against the raging hordes of the undead.

IKEA Dresser – Most likely this dresser would be quickly abandoned after the realization that backpacks are much better ways of carrying extra clothes on our hasty escape from the oncoming zombies.  However in case of the need to barricade within the home, the dresser could prove helpful in its ability to block (only temporarily, zombies never give up) doors or hallways.

Final Outcome – Although neither tool would get Max Brook’s ringing endorsement, the iPod may have a slight advantage in that I would most likely need to be escaping the city, before holing up in my far-off rural hideout.

Republicans/Tea Party members take over and the US becomes a shadow of its former self

iPod – This little device could be very helpful in downloading now illegal NPR podcasts and connecting on the sly with other pockets of underground liberals.  Also its many adaptable apps would offer a range of ways to look things up on Wikipedia when trying to construct arguments with the new conservative overlords.

IKEA Dresser – Its solid construction and classic look would help persuade others of my conservative cover, however its foreign origins in the sketchy country of Sweden would prove detrimental.

Final Outcome – iPod wins



  1. Hurray for solid rational thinking! I’m so glad you’ve got a bit better chance of surviving the zombie hordes and the much more likely Palin presidency. In all fairness, the Repubs won’t have much chance of making NPR illegal it will just lose all its government funding while Fox spews their slanted “news” and rakes in millions from their corporate sponsors.

  2. I enjoyed your well thought out reasoning. I am pleased that my choice of dresser is coming out on top! Hurrah! 🙂

  3. I’ve gotten that line from ikea. it’s solid wood and not recycled stuff. downside, yeah.. but the construction is solid.

    You’ve seen my dresser right? Same line. 🙂

  4. I love you, Abby. That’s hilarious.

  5. so 2 out of 3 for the ipod, means ipod wins right?

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