two odd dreams and a financial pondering

February 19, 2010

A few nights back I had a very vivid dream in which I was back in school (probably high school) and we took a field trip up into space.  In the dream this seemed both very typical, I mean who hasn’t been to space!, and also really cool because who doesn’t love field trips!  Our group was going at the end of the day (the means of travel seemed somewhat carnival ride related), so therefore we were allowed to just stay up there overnight.  I remember thinking this was pretty cool, but that my parents were probably not going to be thrilled at the cost of the trip (several hundred dollars).  Unfortunately I don’t remember much of the dream that actually involved hanging out in space, other than our capsule resembled those bunk cabins from camp and I got to look out at the stars from my sleeping bag.*


Last night I had a dream in which I was hanging out with my brothers and Jonathan and Tim were running around up ahead with their iPhones (I know, I know, dreams that feature mac products are incredibly dorky) and I was trying to get their attention, because I knew Jonathan had an extra iPod Touch.  Eventually I caught up with them and Jonathan offered to give me the iPod Touch because he had this great way of getting another one free from Apple.  His plan seemed to involve a complicated set of calculations which would eventually steal enough dimes and nickels from Apple to pay the cost of the iPod.  This apparently casual fraud seemed to really upset the dream me, so I decided I should just pay him for the iPod.


Fortunately at least one of these very strange dreams can be explained by my third point in which I ask for advice regarding a possible future purchase.  Thanks to the recent refunding of my money by the U.S Treasury, I have some extra money.  Now the vast majority of that is going into my savings account (otherwise known as the holding cell for tuition payments) and I have some plans on how I will tithe 10%, but I want to do something fun with at least a small portion of it.

So here are some ways I could spend my allotted bonus money:

I have been drooling for a new iPod for quite some time now. Plus with its built in wi-fi I could use it as pseudo laptop if I ever get around to updating my almost 4 year old MacBook to an iMac

While I am not sure I would get this specific dress I have been wanting a nicer desk for a while now and this one would definitely inspire me to stop covering up my current one with papers to be filed

Likewise I have been wanting to replace my dresser (since the doors on the left side no longer close completely) and this kind of fun blue one from IKEA would definitely add a nice splash of blue to my room.

So votes, opinions folks? I love feedback, so also if you have an alternate idea of how I should spend my money, let me know 🙂

*I did find some explanation for my dream in my recent reading of The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe which was a non-fiction book all about Project Mercury and the first Americans in space.


  1. You could use it to come visit me 😛
    If you get an iPhone, you knock out the getting an iPod too!

    • Actually I have an entirely different section of my budget devoted to travel, the harder part of that one is actually finding the time (boo work grad school combo).
      And as for the iPhone the iPod is definitely an attempt to keep myself from succumbing to the iPhone desire.

  2. Good choices! I like the dresser…

  3. Well being just a bit geeky myself, I would lean toward the ipod but if you wanted to be coldly rational you might want to consider which would retain the most value 10 years from now.

  4. I wouldn’t get an iPod touch. that’s just me though.

    I’d rather spend the money on a traditional iPod.

    I plan on using my newly re-acquired moneys for either a new couch from ikea or an iPad… or both… not sure. I’ve got time before the iPad is public, so I’ll figure it out… probably definitely going to get a couch though. As that is much necessary. (which um, if you went with the dresser maybe we could go to ikea together…) 😉

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