February 9, 2010

This past Sunday I drove down to West Lafayette to visit my brother and parents.  An odd sort of day-trip, of the kind that I usually avoid like the plague (I usually get twitchy if car time comes too close to equally time spent at destination), but this day ended up being a blast from start to finish.  Once again, I realized that beautiful crisp Sunday mornings really are the best time to do any kind of city driving; there are no other drivers, Lake Shore drive is the empty curving scenic road that it is truly meant to be and one can make incredibly good driving time.

My favorite part of the drive to West Lafayette comes in the final stretch of US65, where giant wind farms line either side of the highway.  The first time I visited Jonathan, last Fall, the windmills were up, but not actually on.  Perhaps it is the treehugger in me, but there is something about these giant spinning turbines that I find both beautiful and quite hopeful.

Then, at the end of the drive, there is the good fun of actually hanging out with family.  My parents were at a conference over the weekend and used it as an excuse to stop by and visit Jonathan on Sunday too.  So while Tim and Charletta couldn’t make it, we had a good time re-uniting post-Christmas.  The day went by pretty quickly with lunch at a very yummy Korean restaurant, ice skating (I discovered I don’t actually hate this), a long tramping walk along the snow-covered riverside path, and even a game of Tichu in a local coffeehouse (where I sneaked in the cupcakes I baked last week).

Of course the drive back at the end of the day did dampen the overall fun level a little bit.  I really don’t love solo night driving, but at least the weather was good and with no one else in the car I can sing-a-long to what ever songs I like, whether or not they are currently playing on the radio.  However I can attest that there is a certain zone between West Lafayette and Chicago in which it is virtually impossible to find anything interesting on the radio.

But overall it was a great day and despite the fact that I lugged my camera all the way there and back, I didn’t take a single picture.  So you will just have to take my word for it that it was a wonderful time.


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