last week sucked, but this week seems better

February 4, 2010

Things I like right now

  • cooking meals for my housemates when I have plenty of time and a good idea of what to make (i.e. black bean pumpkin soup with individual bread bowls and a green salad)
  • the new Emma miniseries by Masterpiece Theater (we had people over to Cana to watch it the last two Sundays and it did not disappoint)
  • getting things organized at work (I have discovered I actually like weeding/straightening projects because they take me away from my desk and let me look at the thousands of odd/beautiful/weird/old books we have in this library)
  • one hour naps in the mid afternoon when the sun pours in through the window
  • packages with children’s books in them
  • coffeeshop afternoons where I actually get things done
  • taking the day off of work for eye exams (I truly think my happiness level would have a major rise if I only ever had 4 day work weeks)

How about you all, what do you like right now?



  1. All of those things would also make my “happy” list. The soup sounds really good! And sunshine… What’s that? 🙂

  2. I like:

    My new kitty
    My old (well, not new) kitty
    My moustache
    Doing new things at the gym
    Getting to have a girls’ night tonight and going to a party tomorrow
    Feeling strong and healthy

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