Oops, I almost forgot a title

January 25, 2010

Sorry for being rather absent these past few days, I have been diving into another semester of classes and boy howdy are they awesome.  I have to say while the negative aspects of grad school (the student loans, the commute, the business, etc), this is always my favorite part of the semester, where classes seem new and fresh like shiny little pennies.  While also slightly overwhelming learning about all the cool things I will be thinking/reading/talking/writing about is exhelerating, plus there is always the part where I get to meet all my new classmates.  This past weekend I spent imersed in a Library 2.0 class, a whole world devoted to examining how libraries need to adapt themselves to fit the new world of technology and its many users.  Fascinating discussions, great lectures (457 powerpoint slides baby!) and a huge new appreciation for Twitter, made for a great weekend.

But this new found semesterness also probably means I won’t be writing here quite as much, except of course when I am procrastinating (so maybe there will actually be no change at all).  Either way if you want to follow along, I will try to post my thoughts about class from time to time here, or you can follow me on three new locations:

First, I have been using twitter for a while now, but rarely updating and mostly not getting it.  This weekend changed that for me, so if you want to see my random thoughts and class discussion follow me at (Twitter name = Mennogirl).

Second, I still have been using Goodreads, although my number of books will probably drop off a bit, but if you want to see what I have been reading head over there.  (although I think you may need to get an account/friend me to see my reviews)

Third, my blog for class is called oh so wittily Library 2.0 Escapades, so feel free to check that out as well.  I have weekly posts due over there, so it will be a good way to see what is happening in class too.

Fourth, I almost forgot, I am also in a really great Literature for Children class and I will try to post a little more about that later this week after our second class.  Here if you are interested (cough*Jess*cough) are the links to two chapters we are reading our first week.

Noodleman chapter 3

Noodleman chapter 4


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