Things I have accomplished so far in 2010

January 19, 2010
  1. Made and went to a haircut appointment.  It rocked, Jenny at Steven Papageorge in Evanston is the best.  As for pictures, I took some yesterday, but probably won’t get them posted till tomorrow night.  For now let me say I have bangs, I have layers and I pretty much love it.
  2. Made an eye appointment, which I have been meaning to do for the past 6 months or so.
  3. Made annual check-up appointment, that I have been meaning to do for the past year or so.
  4. Updated parking sticker and license plate stickers on lovely but total junker of a car.  Which reminds me I will soon turn into a 1 year old car owner.
  5. Paid for another semester of Grad School, which thanks to student loans was not nearly as painful as I was anticipating.
  6. Successfully reversed annoying service fee from my new savings account and now am around halfway to new laptop, or one fifth of the way to new (as in reliably used) car fund.
  7. Finally paid the largest library fine of my life for the four books that I lost last fall.  While I would love to still find the books in order to get a partial refund, I am more over just completely curious as to how books could disappear.  I checked my room, my house, my car, my school library, my work library, the branch library, the main library (twice) and asked housemates and family members.  Crazy eh?  I mainly make it feel better by considering the 3 figure (I know, lost books suck, especially when they are new hardcovers) amount to be a donation to one of my favorite public institutions.

How about you, what have you done this year?



  1. My mom used to work at our library, so we had no fines. I remember the first time I had to pay one in Goshen. I was so angry at myself for not realizing that I had checked out one of my books several days earlier than I had thought. Good for you for turning it into a positive instead of negative situation! 🙂

  2. Losing books is distressing! I have returned a book to the wrong library, had my library record list a book which I had returned though it was not due yet (I located it on the library’s shelves but received no apology from the person to whom I presented it)and dropped a friend’s book in the bath…. I have also suggested to my local library that patrons do not need to use mobile phones in the reading area, but, alas, the librarian disagreed with me. (Once, when I said to a student that I was “looking for someone, alas”, she responded innocently, “I’m a lass!”

    I intended to vote for hairstyle No.3. However, since you have achieved a pre-emptive cut with which you are clearly happy, I am eagerly awaiting a photo.

    Further news about Sam, the koala who became famous in last year’s bushfires but later died from chlamydia: she has been “taxidermied” and placed on display in the city museum with Australia’s famous racehorse of the 1930s, Phar Lap.

  3. I don’t know if my post went through, but if not, can you email me at bellavenere@aol.com – I’d like to send it to you via email.

  4. OK…well it looks as if that post went through – I think my original comment was too long. Is there an email I can use for you? Thanks!

  5. Your comment about the library books reminds me: in a fit of cleanliness, I decided to clear out all of my books and give them to the library. Only I got too happy about it, and ended up giving them a great coffee table book about a music band. Not that I would have read it, necessarily but after I got home I realized that a loved one had given it to me as a present. I have no idea if she even wrote anything in it to me.

    *face palm*

    So here’s what I’m thinking: I’m going to go back to the library and check it out. And then I’m going to tell them I lost it.

    Sounds like a plan, yes?

    • That could work, especially if you are fine paying whatever they deem the book to be worth, plus some kind of “replacement fee”. However depending on your library you could risk just telling them your problem and seeing if they might be willing to give it back to you, or let you pay some kind of upfront cost to buy it back.
      I can also totally understand the frustration with losing a good book, but kudos for you for donating your books in the first place!

      • Thanks!

        I did think about doing what you suggested. And then I remembered how, whenever I donated any books, they were kind of surly, like they were doing me a favour in taking them off of my hands. (The books are always in pristine condition, often much cleaner than some of the books I’ve checked out from there).

        If I did want to buy the book, then checked it out later and “lost” it, they would probably put 2 and 2 together.

        Ah well. Paying them what it’s worth is not too high a price for getting back a sentimental gift.

  6. Oh I am sorry to hear you ran into some surly library folks, librarians like that definitely give the rest of us a bad name 😦 In that case it definitely sounds like your idea is a better one, good luck! 🙂

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