some thoughts about hair

January 15, 2010

Right now my hair is long, actually really long might be  a better description.  In fact it may be the longest it has been in my life, although my high school hair would probably give it a run for its money.  So right now I am really itching to do something different. I am facing some major decisions in my life right now of huge dimension and import.

  1. The first is, should I cut bangs? Right now my hair is pretty long, say 4ish inches beyond my shoulders and I haven’t really done anything crazy too it since I got permed it, grew it out a bit and then got a couple crazy haircuts in china.  Here is a picture from way back in college when my hair was short.  You can kind of see what longish side swept bangs would look like, but hopefully not quite so shaggy and untrimmed in appearance.  So what say you all, should I get bangs or is this a crazy idea?
  2. Second issue: length.  Here are some pictures to demonstrate different options I am considering.

    This is by far the shortest option I am considering and maybe it is just the inclination to change, change things up that makes this haircut fascinating. But I think about the time it would save, the way it would add curl and lift to my hair, I have to say this one is rather tempting in a crazy way.

  3. This is a slightly longer option, closer to a bob:

    This is a slightly less radical option, medium in length and probably fairly easy to style a happy medium between cutting it all off and keeping it long.

  4. These next options are variations on my current length with different amount of layers and probably different styling techniques:

    This would be the safest cut, similar to my current length and layers (long and long), however the big difference is that I have these odd curly bit at my temples which would make the straightness of this look hard to achieve.

  5. Option 5

    This would be closer to the haircut I got around 10 months ago, but longer in length. More layers and a more shaped looked, but still fairly similar to what I have now.

  6. Option 6
  7. A slightly shorter hair cut, this is both more layered and incorporates bangs. But I like the way the bangs are not obvious and transition well, into the rest of the hair.

  8. Option 7

    This is again slightly shorter in length, but has face framing layers instead of bangs.

So what do you all say, which option is your favorite, or do you have a completely different idea of what I should do with my hair?


  1. I think you should go with the shaped layering (subtle bangs) idea. I highly discourage the really short for two reasons:
    One, I love your beautiful long hair, and even though you don’t necessarily think so, you do too. And you will miss it (I always do when I chop it off).
    Two, short hair always sounds easy but we tend to forget how hard it is to keep it out of your face when you can’t put it in a ponytail/bun.
    Okay three reasons. Three, your hair is really fine like mine and it won’t do that effortless, half-sleek-half-chalky look without a lot of effort. Or at all.

  2. This contrasts amusingly with the conversation I have with Meryl or my mom when they cut my hair:
    “So, how do you want it cut?”
    Me: “Shorter!”

  3. I confess, I have long admired Katie Holmes’ bob. So chic! So cute! So much easier to manage than long locks! But I also have to say that I love long hair on you and I think one of the longer wavy options with side-swept bangs would be glam.
    Voila! My two cents.

  4. I agreed with y’alls advice. Long hair just does really good things for Abby. And I wasn’t even thinking of the upkeep that short hair requires, good point, Tara.

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