Christmas Break, so far

December 23, 2009

Other than my cold knees, I am currently enjoying one of my favorite parts of time off or vacation in general.  I am sitting at the beloved Brothers K coffeeshop, with my lap top and and an almost finished latte beside me.  Jess is a seat away working on her laptop and outside snow is drifting down.  Other than the draft from the door, I couldn’t be much happier.  No deadlines to worry about, and I am not even sleepy because (thanks to the dose of Benedryl I took) I slept in till noon.  Of course thanks to our northernly latitude, it is already headed towards dusk, but we are already on the upswing of daylight hours and headed slowly and surely towards that summer equinox only 6 short months away.

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and my last full day of break in Evanston.  My plan for this year is to stay and see my church’s Christmas Eve pageant and then carpool a group of folks home to Indiana (including my cousin who I see all too rarely!).  Then it will be 3 days of home and the family, before heading up for a day and half of college friend reunion at Brunk’s cabin.  Then another day’s respite, before a trip into Pennsylvania in which we will spend all of New Year’s Eve driving.  Two days of extended holiday time: possible highlights include my cousin’s still very new baby Miles and a chance to see my cousins who are on furlough from their mission work in Malawi.  That brings us to another 10 hour drive back go Goshen, another 3 hour drive to Chicago and the start of the second half of the work year.

So enough of this talking stuff, here are some pictures of a few things I have been up too this week:


On Sunday evening, Becca, Jess and I prepared an incredible feast for ourselves, exchanged presents and watched the Christmas classic, Elf.

In addition to our amazing spread of side dishes, we also tackled the free turkey that Becca had received from her employers. We were pretty proud of ourselves for getting it properly cooked and everything considering our combined lack of turkey-roasting experience. However while preping the bird I was surprised to find that it was missing the giblet bag. Despite some very thorough turkey cavity searching, I couldn't seem to find more than the turkey neck. Of course it was only when we were carving the cooked bird that we discovered that turkey's have TWO body cavities. Who know?!

On Monday night, I went with Jess's family down to the Lincoln Park Zoo to see the lights. They didn't disappoint with their rather Dr. Suessian colors and generally incredible tackiness factor. Despite the cold, we had a great time wandering around looking at sleeping animals and crowds of happy people.

Erin was home from her first semester at college and so it was fun to see Jess and her doing the sisterly thing. Of course, in typical Iverson fashion they were very good at looking cute.

And of course I couldn't resist taking lots of pictures of Christmas lights, which if you are interested in seeing more of click over on the right sidebar to go to my flickr page.

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