The after photos: without those bothersome before ones

December 2, 2009

It was last July some time that my Mom did me the huge favor of coming up and helping me paint my room.  I know, I am 26 (25 then) and should be capable of doing something like that by myself, but I am so grateful to have a mother who is willing to help me out with things like this.*  So somewhere buried on my external hard drive are the pictures I took of the room before we painted and re-arranged it.  But for now all you have are these pictures which I finally took last Saturday after a strange cleaning fit overcame me and I both washed my sheets and vacuumed, crazy I know.

So to see the whole tour, go over to flickr and look through this set.  But just in case you can’t be bothered, here is a preview which shows you the dividing line between the Boston Fern and the Tawny Birch.

I included a lot of random explantory notes on this picture over on Flickr

*The previous summer she came up and helped me move, which helped me have the most efficient and orderly move of my entire life


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