Best of 2009: Trip

December 1, 2009

I never really end up doing a lot of year end reflection, at least on this blog, however this really neat idea by Gwen Bell has been popping up all over my GoogleReader, and still at least a little bit in the habit of writing every day I figured I would give it a go.  Plus Gwen has conveniently written a question for every day, so while I probably won’t do every one, I will probably do at least a few.

Best trip of 2009: This is probably quite easily my Spring Break trip to Seattle.  Ever since two (and then three) of my good friends from college moved to this west coast city, I have been finding excuses to visit almost every year.  There are parts of this trip that have become tradition, such as pillgramages to Theo Chocolate to buy more of the BEST CHOCOLATE on earth.  Other parts of the trip are different every time, like my first trip to the top of the Space Needle this past year or my first west coast hair cut (which is quincidentally the only hair cut I have had this year so far).

That trip was also pretty much my only one of the year, other than the annual trip to eastern Pennsylvania for the family reunion, I have pretty much stayed in the greater Illinois/Indiana region.  Hopefully next year I will have at least another Seattle trip to talk about, if not that giant trip to Australia or the Middle East that I keep wanting to do.

UPDATE: Wow, I can’t believe I forgot about the Boundary Waters trip.  As Dad pointed out in the comments, I also went on an amazing canoe trip this summer with my family.  Obviously it was so awesome that it escaped my memory entirely, or alternately I really do need to get a little more sleep these days.  To make up for my horrible forgetfullness, I will mention one memory that does stay with me in a wonderfully vivid way: 

I am laying on my back in the middle of a canoe, looking up at a sky that is so full of stars it makes me feel like  I could be flung off the earth and into the milky way at any moment.  Part of my shirt is soaked from the water at the bottom of the canoe and a few stray mosquitos buzz by my ear, but the louder noises are the sounds of water brushing against the canoe and an occasional bat whirring by.  I had never seen such a bright night sky or one so clear that stars and treetops almost intermingled on the horizon, it is definitely one of my best memories of that trip and probably my entire year.


  1. I found another chocolate tour, and other random little things we can explore on the east side next time you come out!

  2. Hey doesn’t the trip to the Boundary Waters even deserve a mention? Bears and beavers up close, loon party or whatever we called it, beautiful starry night on the water and you can’t even remember it? 🙂

    • Holy Cow, Dad, I can’t believe I forgot that, anyways I updated my post to include that trip.

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