day 30: of that NaBloPoMo thing

November 30, 2009

Well, I did it folks, which feels really good and kind of lame.  I mean blogging every day was hard at times this month, but I have to say it also produced a lot of quick updates with very little thought.  However it did inspire me to do things like finally take a picture of a work outfit, actually write a post that came to me while listening to NPR (95% of those ideas never see the light of day), purchase my own domain, write up a baking adventure, describe a random celebrity encounter, and wish my brother a very belated birthday.

The other big thing blogging every day did for me this month, was make November fly by in approximately 17 minutes, while also leaving me a much better record of what I actually did this month.  I still have a few drafts rattling around that I never got to finishing this month including my first giveaway!  But mostly I just want to say thanks to all of you who read this blog and especially those of you who comment.  While I know it is a bit cliche, reading your thoughts really does help me remember why I keep spouting out these random blitherings.

As for the sum-up of this weekend, I will (in typical Abby fashion) show you some pictures instead:

I have the best/cutest/most wonderful parents, ever! Srsly!

I finally got to scratch this one off of the "places in Evanston I really need to visit" list and what a beautiful day to do so.

Of course Jonathan had to get all sacrilegious and sit on the thing.

Although, this one is probably my true favorite of the day.

On Saturday night we went to the John Hancock building and got to look at this pretty decent view while we ate appetizers and felt sophisticated (or in the case of my family used our various PDAs to try to identify all major geographical features)

Then we finished up the evening with a series of pictures in front of the giant Christmas Tree, during which Tim taught me the wonders of fill flash

So that my friends was the month of November, a pretty darn good one overall.  I don’t know if I will post much this coming week, maybe I will surprise myself and post bunches and bunches, but either way I hope you all enjoy this holiday season!



  1. Congrats on the NaBloPoMo…though I hope you don’t see the end of the month as an excuse to stop. Also I must say these pictures really made me miss your family…good thing Christmas is coming up and I’ll get to see most (all?) of them soon.

  2. Yay, we did it!

  3. […] from last year and I think I can pretty much sum up this month’s experience with a ditto to that post.  While it feels good to have accomplished my goal of daily blogging, it also happened with a fair […]

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