day 29: almost over

November 29, 2009

Now I have to confess, today I actually would have had time to write up a good long post, but something about this blogging every day thing is finally wearing me down.  Because not only could I not persuade myself to write a post, I had to force myself to process and upload pictures from this incredible weekend.  Anyways tomorrow I really will try to rally the troops and come up with a halfway decent post to mark the end of NaBloPoMo, yah!  But right now all I want to do is change into my jammies, snuggle up in bed to finish reading The Dream Hunters (a post Sandman Neil Gaimen / P. Craig Russell graphic novel) and go to sleep before 11pm.  So until then feel free to click over there on the right and browse the bunches of photos I took, which are currently all unorganized and unlabeled.  But most of all go read a book instead, I know that’s what I am gonna do.


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