day 28: another filler post because I have been having too much fun

November 28, 2009

Today I ditched my family’s plan to volunteer and instead slept in till the luscious hour of 10:30am (which might just be a record for me post college).  Then after laundry and room cleaning (I vacuumed and washed my sheets!!) I uploaded a few pictures to my computer and walked to the library to pick up two books that had come in on hold.  Followed by relaxing latte at the coffeeshop and a nice hour of chatting with Jess and Becca.  After which I caught the bus downtown to meet my family at the John Hancock center where we went to the Signature Lounge and we watched the sun set over the city and the lights come up.  It was a pretty beautiful view for only 13 bucks or so 🙂

Tomorrow I promise pictures or at least a post with at least a smidgen more thought.  It was a lovely day folks!


One comment

  1. I’ve been in the Signature Room once, for a private party…. and it was during a storm… seeing the lightening from way up there was just beautiful. 🙂

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