Pictures of Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

I am sitting here watching the movie Once with my family, turkey broth cooling on the stove and so much food in my belly.  My parents and I totally kicked puzzle butt this afternoon, games were played, a walk to the lake was had and a most amazing Thanksgiving feast of course.  A giant turkey, two kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato croquettes, two kinds of cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, gravy (two kinds), green beans and four kinds of pie, so obviously we ate well.  Because I am too full to think much more than this, here are some photos from today and yesterday:

Seats on the 147



  1. How wonderful to have a feast like Thanksgiving! Your account is so evocative in its images of family closeness and unanimity. We have Australia Day on 26 January, and our other big one is probably ANZAC Day on 25 April. While military in origin, the latter tends to represent the coming of age of our nation. Australia Day often involves a BBQ with family and friends, but nothing on the scale of your two kinds of cranberry sauce, which I am still musing about. Jellied and whole-cranberry, or more exotic differences? (I love the second type with poultry or ham.)

    We had a BBQ last weekend for grandbaby’s first birthday – planned to take place in a local park but changed at 10am to indoors because of heavy rain. Lots of people, wall-to-wall babies and toddlers…. and the birthday girl received, inter alia, 10 dresses. Very envious!

    I’ve enjoyed your November blogs so much – don’t stop.

    • Mirabella, I am so glad to hear you have been enjoying my November rambles. As for the cranberry sauce, both were jellied type sauces, although one seemed to have more large pieces than the other. But then again that’s what happens when you have a potluck style meal 🙂
      I am glad to hear your grandbaby’s BBQ went well even if it was rained on, I am sure she looks so cute in her new dresses! 🙂

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