happy vacation days

November 25, 2009

Not having classes or work that I have to attend definitely help make for a better day.  Other good ingredients include:

  • sleeping in till 9:30am (about the latest I can do these days)
  • making pancakes for breakfast and eating them with my younger brother
  • drizzly trips to downtown Chicago with same brother
  • sea salt caramel hot cocoa
  • Christmas lights
  • perfect timing when meeting the other brother at fancy cheese shop
  • buying amazing Rosemary Mantechego cheese and garlic marinated olives
  • catching a ride back north with my parents who happened to be arriving at the perfect moment
  • starting a puzzle with my Mom and Penny
  • Rooibus tea with sweetened condensed milk (which I have associated together ever since traveling with the Holsopples
  • making yummy if odd meal out of Apple Curry Lentil Salad and leftover lasagna
  • playing games with the family, while eating peanut butter popcorn

One comment

  1. I should have given you Open Book’s address! You should definitely check them out. I think you (and Jonathan too) would really like them!

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