like butter over too much toast

November 20, 2009

This week has been one of those times where I spend entirely too many hours daydreaming about elsewhere.  Sometimes that elsewhere is at home in bed reading a book, preferably with some tea nearby.  Othertimes elsewhere is with friends who aren’t here or in relationships that don’t exist yet.  And sometimes, elsewhere is that place where I have no responsibilities and plenty of entertainment and can completely check out.

From past experiences with weeks like this, I have a pretty good idea that this has a lot to do with a) not nearly enough sleep b) being close, but not close enough to the end of the semester c) hormonal influences or d) random and ever changing mystery factors.  But the really annoying part of feeling like this is knowing that a) I am the only one who can change my attitude b) as appealing as a life spent reading books and drinking tea is, I would miss out on more than a few awesome things if I chose to spend my life like that.

So like Bilbo* I am feeling stretched and tired, in need of sleep, some quiet, some quality time with family and friends and a good long walk in the sun.  How about you?  How are you all surviving your fridays?

*although I am currently carrying no evil rings of doom and am not actually a hobbit


  1. I’m surviving my Friday with some coffee. Gearing up for another weekend full of extra little elementary school bodies in my house!

    Everyone has weeks like yours. A little soul searching is good. Reflection. Good for your blog too!

    Things could be worse. You could actually BE… a Hobbit.

  2. I feel the need to curl in lately, too. I completely understand. Take good care! xo

  3. It’s that time of year, when every molecule in my body screams “Hibernate!” (where “hibernation” is defined as curling up at home with warm things and books and laptops rather than going to boring old work.) Sorry you are having a Ringbearer day.

  4. wait… you’re not a hobbit??

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