day 18: two favorite moments

November 18, 2009

First, after several support chats with Tim, my web developer guru of an older brother, I finally have my own domain.  Which is spectacularly unimpressive in that I am not currently hosting my own site.  But if you want to see it for yourself, go to http://mennogirl.org and there you will be automatically redirected to my ole’ blog here.  I am sure this will bring in loads of new readers now that no one needs to remember that extra wordpress.com part 🙂

Second, today at work we had a professional development session in the afternoon. Which, for me, consisted of giving tours to groups of freshmen ranging in number from 10 to 60.  While this did mean that spent around an hour repeating the same 4 minutes spiel about the library, a few times it was actually down right fun.  One group, the largest we had, came in and two guys were so enthusiastic about being in Central Library that they wanted to do the tour.  So I had them stand up with me in front of the group and I asked them various questions about the library.  This was both a lot more fun for me and the larger group of students seemed to enjoy watching their fellow students guess facts about the library.  It is these rare moments at school that make me really hopeful and excited about my future in education.


  1. I just realized…you are so going to be Beth Berry when you grow up, aren’t you.

    • if I would only be so lucky 🙂

  2. Congrats on the website.

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