living in the world of modern medicine

November 17, 2009

Apparently  I can be a bit clueless when it comes to connecting how I am actually feeling to preset medical diagnosis.  For example I would often get really irritable and moody for around a week before certain monthly events.  I would grumble and decide that all my friends secretly hated me, in essence I was a joy to be around.  Eventually (and I won’t disclose exactly how old I was when this happened, but lets just say I may or may not have already graduated from high school) I made the huge leap that this condition was actually already discovered by the medical community and known most the world round as PMS.

Other lightening bolt moments of revelation include the time I discovered that those itchy watery eyes I got in September, might be related to my childhood diagnosis of dustmite allergies.  Or today when I finally figured out that the odd slight burning in my chest, possibly located near my heart, may actually be what some people (silly doctors) have already heard about and call heart burn.  Also have you guys heard of these radical pills called pain relievers, apparently they, get this, take away pain, will wonders never cease!


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