In which I pretend to be a food blog

November 16, 2009

So approximately 9 days ago I received one of those amazing, but slightly dreaded bags of dough that promises to in 10 days time transform itself into loaves of friendship bread and 4 wonderfully contagious starters to pass on to your friends.  Here in illustrated form is the story of the friendship dough and how it became bread:

This lovely dough bag sat on my counter waiting patiently every day for me to "mush it" and generally persuade it to produce more bubbly things. Its favorite day was when I fed it.

The dough really likes food, so I gave it one and a half cups of milk, sugar and flour. This is also the point at which I decided screw the friendship bread tradition, I would rather double the recipe than find 4 willing souls to pass the bread on to.

Counter dough meets its long awaited food, it is very happy.

Next up, six eggs and a cup of oil, join in the fun.

But first the eggs and oil have a little party all on their own.

But it takes more than eggs, oil, flour and milk to make a true friendship bread. You also need these fine folks, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon.

In order to fully sate the dough, I added more flour, because hey, who doesn't like a little flour now and then.

My pyrex bread loaf pans - aren't they pretty!

Like loaves for the slaughter, the little dough lumps accept their fate and prepare to face the fires.

The dough bids a proper adieu to its viscous state and prepares to take solid form.

I ended up baking the 4 loaves for 55 minutes at 325 degrees. Then I let them cool for around 10 minutes before popping them out of their pans. Man, I love cooking spray and pyrex, much less sticking!

The final product, pre tasting, but post baking.

There I hope you enjoyed this edition of baking with Abby.  Tomorrow I will have to let you know how the bread actually tasted, but now I need to get myself to bed.

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