Alias, the second time through

November 10, 2009

Recently I found the first and second season of Alias at Target for a ridiculously tempting price (especially considering it aired back in the day of 22 episode seasons) and thanks to my own weak will and Jess’s persuasions I bought it.  Which means I am finally getting around to re-watching the show that was one of my all time favorites during college.  Overall the show has aged well, thanks in large part to the skills of Jennifer Garner who plays the main character Sidney Bristow.

Sydney Bristow

Now is also a good time to mention the absolute best Alias site (although episode recaps stop in season 4) = twoevilmonks.org

What I really love about the character of Sydney is the way she portrays herself as a strong confident female, who at the same time remains very caring and relational.  I think this balance can be a difficult won for women in general and even harder to portray well in a 42 minute television show, but Jennifer Garner really pulls it off.  Plus I love the fact that while Jennifer is crazy Hollywood beautiful, the cameras don’t place attention on that fact.  Instead they focus much more about how her body is the weapon with which she defeats the bad guys and saves the world over and over again.  And boy howdy does she get in fights, big guys, bad guys, creepy dentist guys, doesn’t matter if she is completely out matched size wize, Sydney always kicks butt.  I think it is this kind of “body emphasis” that I find inspiring instead of depressing. Instead of focusing on how all of this running around, spy work, keeps Sydney “Hollywood perfect” the show focuses much more on how her body keeps her alive, which makes for a much more inspiring message for women (and men) who watch the show.


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