ten things you might find in a high school hallway at 3:35pm

November 9, 2009

10. improv dance moves

9. group hugs that reach the entire way across the hallway

8. students who assume you want to play bumper cars

7. PDA

6. teachers who are counting down the minutes till 4pm

5. a total lack of respect for the concept of walking on the right

4. backpacks that are larger than their students

3. security guards attempting to herd the zoo out of the building

2. more iPods/cell phones/head phones than the population of Wyoming

1. occasional shrieks from students who discover over sized cockroaches (true story!)


One comment

  1. Over here we are supposed to walk on the left (the same as driving), but it’s becoming a lost convention. This means that some of the local paths can be hazardous, especially if one is sharing with not only pedestrians but bicycles….

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