day 8, in which I talk about my new camera and the weekend in general

November 8, 2009

Oddly enough I think blogging is much harder to get around to on the weekend than during the week.  Especially on weekends like this one, where temperatures are ridiculously high for November (we broke 70!) and the sky doesn’t contain a single cloud.  The beautiful weather and general lack of scheduled events might be part of the reason that I am sitting here on Sunday evening wondering what the heck just happened to my break?  There is something about relaxing that tends to just suck up all the time you give it.

And of course I didn’t do nothing this weekend, although that was part of it (in the best kind of way).  Saturday consisted of an early morning breakfast with Becca and Jess at our neighborhood greasy spoon diner, followed by a furious burst of leaf raking by me (to counteract the stupefying effect of omelet and hash browns).  After which I made a quick trip to the bank for cash and to set up another saving account (for those larger purchases like a future replacement macbook/car/big trip/etc).  Then it was off to a local flea market with Anne (my housemate) and Jess, where we had lots of success buying old postal scales, glass bottles, children’s books and most importantly an old film camera.

Yes I am the proud owner of a Praktica FX, made in Germany in 1953, fully manual (and missing a light meter, which I will probably need to correct before I can take pictures).  For only 20 dollars, this is a much better deal than the Holgas and other lomography cameras I have been drooling over for ages.  While I still need to get it cleaned and buy some film, I am pretty darn excited to be trying this out in the next few weeks.  Of course there is lots of information out there on the internets about this camera, but that didn’t stop Jesse and David (my housemates) from spending a good half an hour figuring it all out for themselves.  But right now I just like listening to the sound of the shutter.


Other events from this weekend include a rousing game of Tichu, two lovely (if too short) naps, and a quite fun welcome home party for Tim in recognition of the ending of his 2 month period of deflection to the far off country of England.  So all in all it was a pretty good weekend, short, but refreshing, which of course means that this coming week I will actually need to address the various homework assignments I have been blithely ignoring.

Also I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been commenting as of late, you should know it makes me ridiculously happy when I see those little comment received emails pop up in my inbox.

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