very belated birthdays

November 6, 2009

So while I did actually remember to send my younger brother an email on his birthday a week ago, I didn’t pay homage to him on this here blog.  And considering this is NaBloPoMo, I am sure I will be scrapping the barrel even deeper than this, here goes my homage to my favorite baby brother.

Uploaded by AbbyN

Here,  in no particular order, my ten favorite things about my younger brother:

1. Jonathan is one smart cookie; he understands physics and math things in ways that make my head hurt and eyes swim.  Yet all the while he is really good at explaining things, which I am sure all the physics UNDERGRADS he teaches, appreciate (there is something about that sentence that makes me feel really old).

2. Jonathan is not afraid to do weird things with his hair such as dreads, french braids, bandannas, or a buzz cuts (although he hasn’t rocked this look since elementary school).  Also he let me cut his hair, twice.

3. Jonathan makes good friends.  Being able to find people who understand your awesome quirks and have some of their own is a huge gift, of which my younger brother has plenty.

4. In addition to keeping me endlessly entertained while we were growing up (Nonsense Software, recipes that involved solar ovens and AOL discs, made up songs about “dos manos” in the Boundary Waters, etc), he shares the very weird sense of humor that runs in my family and a willingness to laugh and my own oddness.

5. He makes crazy good bread.

6. One word – Velociraptor.

7. Sometimes he poses for pictures like this:

A huge kudos to my cousin Emily for helping Jonathan make this one of my all time favorite pictures.

8. In addition to being smart, Jonathan really thinks about things and makes thoughtful decisions about his life.

9.  Sometimes he lets me take him shopping, mainly due to the fact that he occasionally breezes into town with only one hole strewn pair of jeans to his name.

10. He rocks the Utilikilt or skirt with equal aplomb.


  1. I like this post. #6 made me laugh out loud. I’d also like to add that the hole strewn pair of jeans you refer to is probably a pair from the women’s section of goodwill. 🙂

  2. Emily, good point about the jeans and it makes me happy that some else knows that awesomeness that is Jonathan as Velociraptor!

  3. Those who have not had the privilege of witnessing the Naf-raptor can catch a glimpse in the final scene of this video clip (from our bike trip to Hell): http://nonsense.wglick.org/Files/David/hell.WMV

  4. People who are good at physics tend to be excellent conversationalists too. I’ve known quite a few of them. You’re lucky to have such a nice brother.

  5. David,
    I hope that video is never lost to the world, because I can’t adequately express how much I completely love it.
    Mirabella, that makes a lot of sense that sciency people make good conversation and I agree I am very lucky.

  6. […] found him to be hilarious and generally wonderful company.  Two years ago, I wrote up a post about my 10 favorite things about Jonathan and so I thought this year I would make a list of things I know that Jonathan […]

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