why I am pretty sure Jennifer Hudson hates me

November 5, 2009

My good friend Libby is getting married next spring, so last night Jess, Becca, her fiance Zach and myself all traipsed down to the J. Crew store on Michigan Ave.  Now this part of Michigan Ave is full of the ritzy stores, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, that type of thing.  So it wasn’t too surprising to see that there was some big event happening at the Michael Kors store as we entered the mall.  But we had more important things on our mine (Wedding Dresses!).

After spending an hour watching Libby look stunning in a variety of beautiful dresses, we finally left the store. Only to realize that below us on the first floor there was a fashion show going on.  Loud music, freakishly tall men and women wearing lots of sequins and lots of other fashionable hipsters watching the event were all really good clues for us.  Fortunately our timing was really great (as was our vantage point from the second floor balcony) and so we got to see all the models come out for the recap of the line.  Which for those of you who watch as much Project Runway as I do, tends to end with the designer him/herself walking down and back on the runway.  So I can now say that I have indeed seen Michael Kors (in his apparent uniform of black blazer and jeans) walk the runway with my very own eyes.

Now one celebrity sighting should probably be enough for one evening*, but as we left the mall and headed over to Ghirardelli for a quick treat, we noticed a horse-pulled carriage near the store with a small group of people standing around.  There appeared to be a video camera and a few big lights and then we looked and realized that sitting in the carriage was Chicago’s very own Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson.

So there we were outside of Ghirardelli and not 15 feet away from Jennifer Hudson and surprisingly there weren’t a whole lot of big security folks or even paparazzi around.   Jess and I quickly realized that this kind of encounter definitely needs proof, I tried to take a picture with my camera phone, before realized that duh, I had my big ole camera right there with me because of Libby’s dress trying on event.  So I took it out and tried to take a few pictures (which were turning out awful due to the fact that it was NIGHTTIME!).  And as I fiddled around I noticed that Jennifer Hudson kept looking over at me and she didn’t look happy.  See, my camera although not at all papparazi level is a larger one, SLR, bigger lens, etc and so I am assuming she figured me as one of those types, because just bit later, she got the carriage to move away from the sidewalk a little further down the street.  Plus she even turned around to look at me one more time as they finally drove off.  So that’s it, I will never by BFFs with Jennifer Hudson, however I will get to say I took crappy photos of a celebrity!

*Obviously this encounter was pre-planned because as I wrote about here, these kind of random Chicago encounters always happen in pairs.

UPDATE: Just to state the obvious if you use derogatory language in your comments, I will delete them.


  1. You have seen way, way more famous people than I have. I’ve seen Geraldo Rivera walking down the street in Berkeley (when his kid was going to school there) and my high school swim coach was best friends with Shiloh Strong (of The Mommies, a short-lived sitcom, and older brother of Rider Strong, of Boy Meets World), and he came to our swim practices a couple of times.

  2. Honey, less not jump the gun here Jennifer Hudson does not hate you. I know many fans who would have reacted just as you did. Yes, she is a super star, but Jennifer really is a very sweat and very humble person. Hate is a very strong word to give to someone who don’t even know you. Releasing the photo was fine, but the title you pick are very disturding. The multi-talented artist was shooting a special. The look you are speaking about could have been just you and your nerves. If you are old enough to blog, and put the photo on the website. Then you are old enought to know better. Jennifer Hudson have been through alot, but the young star loves her fans.

  3. Norma,
    I should probably clarify that my post was written very tongue in cheek, I don’t really believe that Jennifer Hudson hates me in any way and I am sorry if the post’s sarcastic nature didn’t come across in my writing. I do really love Jennifer Hudson’s work, especially in Dreamgirls and I in no way meant the post to be taken as a serious comment on Jennifer Hudson’s view of her fans.

  4. That is ok and I understand completely. I can see we are both hugh fans. Now, we both can set back and watch the special when it airs next month.

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