where oh where did October go?

November 1, 2009

So in looking back over my posts (er, post?) from this past month I can tell two things.  First I was obviously pretty busy this month.  Second, I seem to be lacking the blogging motivation this past while.  While I can’t do much about the first one (other than stop taking classes/working/having so much fun), I can try to do something about the second.  So here goes my first attempt at that blogging concept with the odd weird name – NaBloPoMo!  I know several friends (*cough*Phoenix*cough*) who will be doing NaWriNoMo this month, but because I have no interest in trying to write anything that long, I decided to annoy you all with, what I am sure will be, a month of even more inane attempts to post something to this here blog every day.

My guess is there will be quite a few short late night posts, a few attempts at photo blog type posting, maybe a smattering of reviews, lots of lists and hopefully somewhere in all of that I will remember why I even have this silly blog in the first place.  If anyone wants to participate in NaComBloDa (National Comment on a Blog Daily)*, feel free to through your two cents into the ring.  I mean come on, if I am willing to blather on in public like this, you all should definitely feel free to join in.

As for what exactly I have been up to this month, here is the short list:

  • went to Waco, TX for the weekend, which involved almost 40 hours in a van
  • attended the US premeire of “Hipsters”, a Russian musical, at the Chicago Film Festival with Steph and Jess
  • visited the Chicago Botanic Garden with Steph and Jess
  • celebrated my birthday with an awesome surprise cake from Jess and Becca and an additional homemade cake by Becca that will go down in history as the richest thing every baked
  • saw a ballet and an opera in the same weekend
  • watched the new dolphin show at the Shedd Aquarium with Erini and Jess (and also had my first taste of Epic Burger)
  • dog-sat for the weekend and managed not to feed the dog chocolate icing this time, which was a vast improvement
  • went to a wedding reception for the dog owning co-worker
  • attended 4 evening classes, one weekend class and worked a full time job

So you know, just a few things here and there.

*Pretty sure I just made this up, although I am sure someone somewhere has already created an html badge for it.



  1. Yay! Join the madness! I am very excited to follow your daily blogging and I commend you on your courage in doing your writing out in the open. Go you!

  2. I am considering participating in my own event called NaSofDevMo, except that wouldn’t really be different from any other month. http://cia.vc/stats/author/davisagli

    Or maybe just NaGeAcMo where we come up with a new geeky acronym every day.

  3. Thanks Phoenix, I think you should also give us occasional tidbits from your NaNoWriMo efforts 🙂
    David this is a brilliant idea, how about we also make it NaSleMoMo (National Sleep More Month).

  4. I am all in favor of NaSleMoMo but so far I am completely failing at it, what with trying to make the transition back from European time and leaving on an overnight flight to the east coast tomorrow. I suppose I can always make up for it in the succeeding weeks though…

  5. […] NaMos, feel free to join in NaComBloDa (National Comment on a Blog Daily – as outlined in my intro post from last year).  It is good to see that Dad, Jess and Emily are all off to a good […]

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