my very culture filled weekend*

October 28, 2009

This weekend in attempt to jam as much as possible into a two day span I went to both the ballet (first time) and the opera (second time).  The culminating weekend of what feels like a month full of events! and trips to the city in way higher numbers that my little homebody self normally appreciates, both events were terrific.  The first was on Friday night and consisted of Jess, Becca and myself getting all dressed up (we wore dresses and heels and earrings and broaches even!) and then taking the purple line downtown to the Joffrey Ballet.  Where we learned that is best not to just googlemap Joffrey Ballet and assume that will be where the company performs, or you too will find yourself standing dejectedly in front of practice studies 10 minutes before the performance is about to start in the theatre 6 blocks away.

Fortunately thanks to some quick phone calls, a stop at an ATM and a taxi-cab (first in chicago) we still made it to the theatre in plenty of time.  Thanks to Becca’s class related connections, we had great seats (second row first balcony) and the performance was incredible.  While I don’t consider myself a huge fan of Othelo, Joffrey’s version of Shakespeare’s play was incredible and a great introduction to the wonder and beauty of ballet.

After the show, we decided to continue our classy streak by stopping by our new favorite place ever, Epic Burger!  Where we shared some fries and two very greasy but incredible burgers.  Then it was back up to Evanston to head to bed.

Saturday found Jess and I heading downtown once again to meet Joanne and Miriam’s train and then head to a nearby movie theatre where, thanks to the wonder of live simulcasts, we watched the Metropolitan Opera’s Aida.  Which contained pretty much every stereotype of operatic performances: very large singers, live horses, lots of fake gold jewelry and a huge cast of extra.  Fortunately the voices were also spectacular and we all had a grand ole time.

So over all our weekend was an 11 out of 10 in the catagory of the arts and a 4 out of 10 in the amount of time to lie around the house, drinking tea, doing random patch work and reading a book.

*results not typical


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