Stuff on my Bed: Birthday edition

October 5, 2009

Stuff on my Bed: Birthday edition, originally uploaded by AbbyN. For the explanation of all that stuff, click on the photo and head over to Flickr.

I got home from work today and unloaded my stuff and was struck by the odd but very typical accumulation of things on my bed today.  Unfortunately my current habit is to just transfer this all to the floor when I actually go to sleep instead of, you know, actually putting things in their place.  But at least in the morning I know exactly where my purse is, right there next to my bed.

In other news today has been a very good birthday for a work week celebration.  I started out the day with a cinnamon scone and cinnamon latte that Jess brought me from Brothers K and the rest of the day went by smoothly with very few hassles.  Of course my attempts to dress up for my birthday have left me with a little birthday blister on my toe, but the shoes were still worth it.

Also I got lots of birthday messages on Facebook, two voice messages from family (Charletta and Tim (calling all the way from London!)), one birthday card in the mail, one birthday text and two birthday emails.  Days like today always remind me how blessed I am in all of my relationships.



  1. happy birthday, my dear Amarien! And best wishes for many more to come. 🙂

  2. Someone told me that Rosanna is pregnant! Was that you?

  3. Thanks Phoenix!
    Lafuez – I doubt that was me, considering I don’t think that is true. By the way, do I know you? I am mystified about who you are.

  4. You just seem like such a happy person:)
    And I really enjoy your blog

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