So if you look up there at the top of the page

October 4, 2009

You will see my new custom header.  It’s a bit stripped down, considering my older one and once again it is lacking a tagline or subtitle.  But I tend get a bit stumped when coming up with something to describe this blog that is both short, witty and at least partially accurate.  This is probably due to my own lack of clarity on why I keep writing this silly thing.  Anyways the photo is an artsy fartsy one I took this summer at the Shedd Aquarium at the penguin tank.

I mainly liked the color and the way the water formed a pretty line across it, so you can see I put a lot of indepth thought into its significance.

Oh and I finally put my old headers all in one little set over on my flickr page, so feel free to go look at them and get all nostalgic like I just did.  Or better yet feel free to share any good ideas you have for taglines.  It is always more interesting to hear other people describe you then actually try to do it yourself.

Next up in my blog fall cleaning, the about page!*

*this probably means I will get around to this some time during the next year or so



  1. I really like the new header. I think its shows an interesting new direction in your development as a graphic designer. There seems to be a trend in the text and font becoming more and more central to the banner. And way to turn a photo into a piece of abstract art!

  2. I like it.

    Starting tomorrow is free community days at the aquarium… in case you want someone to come with you to get some more photos.. 😉

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