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September 4, 2009

Inspired by She likes purple, I thought I would just link to a few things that I think are pretty and I would love to buy right now.  Because obviously actually updating this blog for real is not going to happen on this “friday that I wish was the weekend already”.

Vintage Blouse

Although my need of yet another white button-down shirt is somewhat debatable, the sheer beauty of this vintage shirt, would definitely be enough to persuade me.

vintage blouseSilver Hoop Earrings

Simple, yet oh so elegant, these would go with so many different outfits.

Silver Hoop EaringsGrey Purse that I would order in Dark Brown

Because this purse is an Etsy purse (and therefore handmade) I could order this is a variety of colors, but I would probably go with dark brown, to serve as my purse to wear with non-black things.

Grey PurseRe-usable lunch bag

Maybe this would help inspire me to pack my lunch more often. (found via Mighty Goods)

Grey Lunch BagAnother Purse Option

I love the shape of this bag, and the color is also spot on.

Sage purse



  1. I like all the pieces, though I seriously doubt the fashion sense of the blouse wearing woman. Are those sweatpants she has tucked her shirt into? If not, I’d still rethink what bottoms to wear with it;p

  2. I love the purses, especially since my own favorite (black)one is disintegrating and I could not find a new one that met all my criteria at the shopping centre last week. The lunch bag is cute! After a trip to Japan several years ago, I gave my daughter several gifts of which the one she absolutely loved was the least valuable: a plastic lunch box with separate compartments! I don’t know whether she packs her husband’s “play lunch” in it….

    The blouse is great too; in fact anything with lace and a bit of sheer fabric has appeal.

  3. Thanks for the feedback you two, as for the lower half of the shirt outfit, I think it was some kind of knit skirt, although for all I know it could be sweatpants 🙂

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