one of those annoying posts in which I don’t really say much, other than to say why I won’t be posting for a while

August 7, 2009

So I know I have quite a few things I want to add here.*  But that will have to wait, because my parents and younger brother should be arriving soon and there is pizza to be picked up, packing to finish up and then a whole week of family time at Boundary Waters.  A wilderness protected area in Northern Minnesota, we will spend the week canoeing, portaging, and camping far away from this here laptop, my pesky cell phone and even watches.  I should be back in just over a week, with stories, photos and a large increase in my free time.

Until then, I hope you have good weeks!

*Meryl’s visit, Painting of the bedroom, Tara’s visit, stuff about classes, etc



  1. Enjoy! Just don’t try to do more than sixty miles in a day… and make sure you give the guide a hard time all week 🙂

  2. Have a good trip! Hope it cools off a little bit and doesn’t stay in the mid 90’s with major humidity all week.

  3. I envy you. In 17 days it will be Spring here, but it’s already 20 degrees today and the blossom is on the trees, and it really leads a person to dream of long but leisurely bush walks….

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