What I did today

July 21, 2009

I started the day bright and early with breakfast with my housemates at 7am, during which we discussed such topics as why cats often have patches of thin hair on the sides of their faces (helps their hearing and not actually a kind of balding associated with aging, like I originally thought).  Then after a quick shower, I registered for fall classes, which at this moment I am strongly considering taking 3.  And while I know that is rather crazy, one of them is a weekend class that only meets 3 times (for two days each session) during the semester and at least one of the other classes sounds like a pretty easy one.  Besides the weekend class is called History of the Book! and guess where it meets………Chicago Botanic Garden!  I know, kind of awesome, especially because I already have a membership there, so free parking.  Oh and the other exciting class is Reader’s Advisory, which is basically Fiction for Adults, and I will get to learn all about different genres and how to book talk and lead discussion groups.

Then I went over to Becca’s apartment and kindly helped her with her homework, which lucky for me involved getting an hour long massage (I should probably say that Becca is getting really good at these, I was impressed with how professional and skilled she was!) and going through some stretches.

So then I decided to be really productive, right after reading blogs for half an hour or so, and I completed my Powerpoint Sampler for class.  Which consists of a 4 slide long presentation on any topic, but we had to cram it full of video, sound, pictures and narration, so now of course I know how to do all of those things.

That takes up to lunch, during which I read the newspaper as I love to do.  Learned mainly that health care companies occasionally/frequently suck a lot and that it is not a good idea to drive and eat fondue at the same time.  And in a fit of perfect timing the UPS man arrived right after lunch and delivered our house’s new electric skillet, my new memory stick/flash drive thing, and the memory upgrade that I finally got around to ordering for my laptop.  Unfortunately this same memory leads right into the most frustrating part of my day.  After shutting down my computer, waiting 30 minutes, I gathered all my philips head screwdrivers and coin (for unlocking the battery) together and started in on it.  Only to find that neither of my screwdrivers were small enough, so first I checked my housemates’ workshop – no luck, tried another housemates art studio – no luck, and finally got an eyeglasses screwdriver from my upstairs neighbor.  Unfortunately it was a flat-head, but still it made good progress on two of the three screws, but the third screw was so tightly wond that it wouldn’t budge.  Even after I used my vice-grip to help turn the screw driver, the screw only ended up warping my screwdriver (or I should say my neighbors).  I actually had to just give myself a time limit on how much time I would spend working on this, before giving up and moving on.

So after that uplifting experience I planned worship for my meeting tonight and then heading downstairs to cook.  I made Eggplant roll-ups, which consisted of slicing eggplants and then broiling each slice in small batches.  Then I mixed up some ricotta, fresh basil, Parmesan, and other shredded cheese and made little “eggplant burritos” as my housemates dubbed them.  During this time I also cooked some pasta and cut up all the amazing lode-eye apples my Mom brought with her this past weekend* and cooked those down into fresh applesauce.

Then I had a quick supper with my housemates, before hurrying off to meeting to meet with my worship planning partner and then I led worship, listened to the rest of the meeting and now I am back home, trying to persuade myself that I should finish up that other homework assignment instead of watching an episode of Star Trek.

So how are your relaxing care-free summers going?

*This event is worthy of its own post, seeing as my room got painted and my Mom helped me do it!

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