reasons my dad is cool

July 14, 2009

– When my the car on my alternator broke, my dad decided to brush off his back-yard mechanic skills and go to work, all to save me around a hundred bucks.
– In a similar note I really can’t remember any time from my childhood where we had to hire a handyman at our house. Generally Dad would mess around with things until he either fixed them or had to go find a book in the library or another fellow jack-of-all-trades to help him out.
– My dad bikes everywhere and when I used to tell my friends in college about this, they would respond, “oh that is the guy with the bags on his bike, who we see all the time around town.” I think I found this both slightly embarrassing and a source of pride. I mean who else can say, that their dad does the grocery shopping on his bike?
– I kind of forget when this tradition started, but Sunday mornings equal baked oatmeal at my house and let me tell you my Dad makes a mean baked oatmeal (pretty much on par with my Mom’s incredible never exactly the same twice granola)
– In case you haven’t heard, my Dad is the king of spreadsheets. The best example of this is how he has recorded every game of Scrabble that my Mom and him have played for the last 10 years or so. Also just in case you are curious he can tell you their running average score, their high score and pretty much any other Scrabble related data you would care to know.
– While it was my Mom who read to my brothers and I when we were younger (or at least that is who I remember the most), my Dad started reading out loud to us as we got older. In addition to reading Watership Down to us (that book has since become one of my perpetual favorites), he also read the entire (all three books!) Lord of the Rings series to us. Which probably explains the level of my obsession with those books.
– The summer after my 8th grade year, my dad went on a trip to the Boundary Waters with a group of 3 other father/daughter duos. That trip started my life long love of canoe trips and is also coming full circle when my family will go on a trip to the BA for the first time as a family.
– My brothers and I quickly learned that whenever we were at church or some other meeting, my dad would always subconsciously broadcast his readiness to leave by jingling his car keys in his pocket. Sometimes my brothers and I would come up to my dad, inquiring about leaving, before he had even realized he was ready to go. The best part is, I have caught myself doing this a few times as an adult.



  1. My dad is cool too 🙂

  2. Thanks Abby! This is one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten.
    Actually the Scrabble spreadsheet totals go back to every game we’ve played since getting a “Deluxe” Scrabble game as a wedding gift. It probably has less than 10 years of turn-by-turn scores in it.

  3. Abby, this is such a great list. 🙂 It made me grin.

  4. Your dad DOES make a mean baked oatmeal! Staying with your family post-graduation was my first delicious introduction to it and I’ve been a big fan ever since.

  5. I wish I had a dad about whom I could list such good things! What a lovely post.

  6. Thank you all for you lovely comments! I just like spreading word about how cool my dad is 🙂

  7. Cool dad = cool life 🙂

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