busted alternators and fresh strawberries

June 18, 2009

I don’t think I have mentioned that I have been dealing with some major car issues as of late.  But to make a long story short, after some issues with stalling out (and then mysteriously restarting) I took my little Prism to the tried and true O&J Auto.  Where I relieved the news that there were around 1,500 bucks worth of repairs needed including a clutch leak, tune-up, bad wipers, busted alternator and loose spring on the rear struts.  After much hemming and hawing and discussion, I decided that despite the age of the car I should go ahead and repair.  But my Dad being the wonderful (and thrifty) person that he is thought that he and I could probably replace the alternator ourselves, saving around $150.  Which explains why I just spend the past 3 1/2 hours driving my car back to Goshen, trailing a slight burning smell (thanks to the busted alternator) behind me.

Usually I am not a fan of driving distances longer than an hour by myself.  I have a tendency to get sleepy and a bit bored on long solo car trips.  But this time I didn’t get sleepy, but entertained myself by singing random hymns to myself (mashing together parts of verses and repeating the familar choruses), and just took time to think and pray a bit (I mean I was essentially driving on my battery alone!).  The singing and thinking got me to Elkhart, where I stopped and visited my Mom and the seminary where she works.  I got to see the full tour (including the awesome new library) and then run into a wide variety of old friends from high school and college.  After the tour, Mom tipped me off to a produce stands selling flats of fresh strawberries for $24 and so now I am sitting on my parents’s couch, with my sheets in their washer, and a few of these as pre-dinner snacks.



  1. I *really* do not like car issues…had a tire explode on me once while on the freeway…radiator blew up on the way to a meeting (never made it to that meeting…)…the strawberries on the other hand…completely different story.

  2. The name of your blog makes me grin. I married a Menno ha ha. I always get random hymns stuck in my head…they can be so catchy!

  3. Lovely strawberries – you take wonderful pictures.

    Thanks for the recommendation you left on my blog. I’ve definitely heard of that book before. I will probably try to check it out soon.

    YA literature is one of my particular interests (since I would love to write it one day), so I am quite intrigued by your class. I’ve seen your recent posts where you talked about a few of the books you have read. I may have to start adding some of those to my list as well. 🙂

  4. I’ve recently been trying to move some of my daughter’s childhood possessions back into her keeping, now that she, husband and Miss Baby have a permanent house. Checking her bookshelves – and various boxes in her former room – involves my reading a lot of YA fiction, and I actually took one of the “Chalet School” series to bed last night. Do you know them? They’re very appealing, virtuous and even the topic for someone’s PhD. I’ve been checking the local library for some of the tiles you’ve mentioned too.

    Daughter allows me to buy Miss Baby one book per month, mostly Little Golden Books, which are still excellent fun!

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